NPR’s Living on Earth 10 Minute Segment on Highpointing

NPR’s Emmett FitzGerald has a wonderful 10 minute segment featuring Roy Wallen and Stony Burk at Jerimoth Hill.

Hoosier Hill Bench Vandalized

DSC_1290 Bench at Hoosier Hill
We’re getting the report from Stony Burk that a bench at Hoosier Hill that had been added as a Scout Eagle Scout project has been vandalized.

Club’s Summit Register Initiative

Granite Peak Summit Register
Ever wonder what happens to those registers you sign on summits?

Thanks to an initiative mostly from highpoint liaison chairman Stony Burk the Club has begun saving historic registers. He just turned over the reigsters from Granite and Borah Peaks for safekeeping.

Stony reports:

I think Granite needs a new canister since a summit creature has eaten into a corner and found the register to be pretty tasty.

The Club (thanks mostly to Stony’s efforts) keeps historic registers for Rhode Island, Connecticut, Indiana, Wisconsin, Idaho, Montana, Mississippi and Michigan.

Stony Burk’s Car Mileage Hits 345,345 (largely repeatedly driving to highpoints)

Stony Burk, the highpoint liaison, takes his job seriously literally repeatedly driving to highpoints in his Jeep Cherokee “Cynthia Rose.” He puts up mileage that car companies can only dream of. Here’s 345,345.

Stony Burk Named 2006 Vin Hoeman Winner

Stony Burk shows the Rhode Island property owners
Stony Burk, who gave up so many of his holiday weekends to drive 200 miles from New Hampshire, to host the open access dates at Jerimoth Hill when access was in question, received the Vin Hoeman Award for his efforts during the North Carolina convention in 2006.