Article on Tim Bayerl

The Echo Press has an article on member Tim Bayerl. It’s a great article.

We’re amused the inaccurate description of the Club by Alexandria, Minnesota Echo Press on member Tim Bayerl in an article on July 16 headlined “Making a Point.”

The article says:

Last summer, Bayerl, an Alexandria resident, climbed King’s Peak, the highest point in Utah. Upon reaching that summit, he gained membership into part of an exclusive club – the Highpointers Club.

Highpointers are people who have climbed to the highest point of elevation in every state. There are two levels of achievement in the club – those who have reached the high point in the 48 continental states, and those who have also scaled their way to the summit in Alaska and Hawaii.

Of course the beauty of our club is that we celebrate if you have climbed just one peak or all 50 or even are considering climbing a peak. There’s no requirement that you ever climb even one peak to join. The magic of our club mix is that the 48 and 50-state completers mix joyfully with single staters.

That inaccuracy aside, it’s a nice item on Tim and congratulations!

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  1. Tim Bayerl says:

    The inaccurate comment was made by the newspaper reporter who wrote the article and is not familiar with the highpointers club. Other than that, I thought she did a wonderful job!

    Tim Bayerl

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