HP Merc Is Open With New Products

The Merc is back in business after Mother Merc has returned from the Minnesota woods. She has some new products including the 2012 calendar, and patches for Ohio and Mississippi.
Completion Survey Is Working Again
As noted in the numerous comments below our excel completion table had been broken. It is now fixed and you can submit your completion surveys as an attachment to hp.merc@highpointers.org. We apologize for this long delay. We’ve kept the comments active.

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16 Responses to HP Merc Is Open With New Products

  1. Sam says:


    Trying to get a hold of the survey so I can get a badge.



  2. Paula Repka says:

    I am trying to order the high pointers patch and complete the survey. They survey doesn’t seem to be working. I keep getting sent around to this page to leave a reply.

  3. Paula Repka says:

    Is there any way that I can complete the survey and order my highpointers patch without going through this loop. It seems to be down now about six weeks.

  4. Susan Metzger says:

    I am trying to download a copy of the completion survey. Can you email a copy to me at susantelee@yahoo.com?

  5. Kendall & Monica Whyte says:

    I just purchased 2 patches & this is where the link for the completion survey took me. Both Monica & Kendall summitted each peak.
    3/10/09 Spruce Knob, WV (Our “official” date. We started going in 1989, so it’s our first.)
    5/14/07 Backbone Mountain, MD
    4/15/08 Mt. Davis, PA
    9/25/09 Mt. Rogers, VA
    9/25/09 Black Mountain, KY
    9/26/09 Mt. Mitchell, NC
    9/26/09 Sassafras Mountain, SC
    9/26/09 Brasstown Bald, GA
    9/27/09 Clingman’s Dome, TN
    10/23/09 Ebright Azimuth, DE
    10/24/09 Jerimoth Hill, RI
    10/24/09 Mt. Greylock, MA
    10/25/09 Mt. Frissell, CT
    10/25/09 High Point, NJ
    11/15/09 Woodall Mountain, MS
    11/15/09 Britton Hill, FL
    11/16/09 Cheaha Mountain, AL
    8/23/10 Mt. Mansfield, VT
    8/24/10 Mt. Washington, NH
    3/31/11 Campbell Hill, OH
    3/31/11 Hoosier Hill, IN
    We don’t count this one towards our patches but 6/14/09 Fort Reno, DC
    Thank you!

  6. Jean André Laverdure says:

    Completion Survey!

  7. Nick Gretzinger says:

    # “Date
    Nick” “Date
    Cindy” State Peak

    1 21-Jun-00 CA Whitney
    2 5-Jul-01 ME Katadin
    3 22-Sep-07 VT Mansfield
    4 26-Oct-08 WV Spruce Knob
    5 26-Oct-08 MD Backbone
    6 19-Apr-09 TX Guadalupe
    7 17-Aug-09 NH Washington
    8 14-Nov-09 DE Azimuth
    9 21-Jun-10 OR Hood
    10 22-Apr-10 RI Jeremoth
    11 7-Aug-03 CO Elbert
    12 5-Jul-04 WI Timms
    13 28-Aug-04 NY Marcy
    14 25-Sep-04 MA Greylock
    15 5-Jun-05 VA Rogers
    16 7-Jun-05 TN Clingmans
    17 9-Jun NC Mitchell
    18 10-Jun-05 KY Black
    19 15-Sep-05 WY Gannet
    20 17-Jun-06 PA Davis
    21 12-Aug-06 NJ High Point
    22 13-Aug-06 CT Frissell
    23 14-Oct-10 OH Campbell
    24 14-Oct-10 IN Hoosier
    25 15-Aug-98 WA Rainier

  8. Judy Nassau says:

    Was unable to download the completion report from the website. Please let me know how to get it.

  9. Tom and Ethan Mick says:

    We are placing an order for the 5 state patch and the link to fill out the completion questionnaire sent us here. Our list is as follows:
    Tom Mick, age 44, has climbed six high points: CO, MO, KS, AR, IL, IA and has plans to add NM and a return trip to CO this summer.
    Ethan Mick, age 9, has climbed five high points: MO, KS, AR, IL, IA and has plans to add CO and NM to the list this summer.

    Tom and Ethan

  10. Jason says:

    I need the survey for patch purchase. I have completed the following high points so far…
    Maine (Mt. Katahdin)
    New Hampshire (Mt. Washington)
    Vermont (Mt. Mansfield)
    New York (Mt. Marcy)
    Massachusetts (Mt. Greylock)
    Delaware (Ebright Azimuth)
    Rhode Island (Jerimoth Hill)

  11. Rick Beckham says:

    I need the questionnaire for myself and my wife in order to order the 25 state pin. Please email me the questionnaire at the email addr indicated above. You can email my wife’s questionnaire at the same email addr. We just returned from a midwest state highpoint trip where I completed state number #30 and my wife state #28.

  12. Rick Collins says:

    I would like to order the 5-state completion patch for myself, my brother and my friend (Ryan Collins and Jake Stewart):
    We have all completed the following states on the respective dates states:
    1) Taum Sauk Mtn, MO – 4/3/10
    2)Mt. Magazine, AR – 6/12/10
    3)Mt. Sunflower, KS – 7/23/10
    4)Panorama Point, NE – 7/24/10
    5)Hawkeye Point, IA – 10/1/10
    6)White Butte, ND – 10/2/10
    7)Harney Peak, SD – 10/3/10

  13. Jason says:

    Has anyone gotten a reply with how to order?

  14. Martha Griffin says:

    When will the survey be available. I don’t want to have to type out all the highpoints with dates that I’ve gotten so far. Filling in a survey would be much easier. Thanks.

  15. Rick Collins says:

    Jason – no, I haven’t heard a peep. Anyone else?

  16. jeff gephart says:

    have completed my 50. how do I do the completion list?

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