Contest: Design a New Half-Way Pin

[Published in Apex to Zenith #54 – Third Quarter 2001]

Here is your golden opportunity to project yourself into Highpointer Immortality!

Currently, the Highpointer Club has two types of awards, achievement awards (for visiting highpoints) and service awards (volunteer work for the Club). Of the achievement awards, the Club offers the following:

  • Patch for completing any 5 highpoints
  • 30 state pin (round with logo and white rim) for reaching 30 highpoints, 5 from each region.
  • 40 state pin (round with logo and red trim) for reaching any 40 highpoints
  • 48 completer plaque for finishing the lower 48 state highpoints
  • 50 completion pin (round with logo and purple trim) for completing the 50 state highpoints
  • 50 completer plaque for finishing the state highpoints

As many of you know, the Board of Directors has recognized the popular request to honor the pyschological “half way” point, and has voted to establish an achievement award for 25 states; a “Halfway to 50” pin.

We need your help in designing a brand new pin format, so it is contest time.

Here are the rules:

  1. This pin will NOT include the Highpointer logo.
  2. Although the existing pins are round, the new one need not be. So use your imagination. Identify colors on your design.
  3. The pin should represent highpointing and commemorate the half-way point of completion.
  4. Submit your design as a drawing or sketch to Highpointers Club, P0 Box 1496, Golden, CO 80402.
  5. The deadline is January 1. 2002 so there is enough time to select a design.

The judges for this contest will be the Board of Directors and Jamie Harkness, a Highpointer who is also a graphic designer. The prize will be a free 2-year membership for the Highpointers Club, and the aforementioned immortalit

The decision of the judges will be announced in the First Quarter Newsletter of 2002. Pins will then be created a sold through the Merc to those with 25 state highpoints.

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