Delaware Water Gap Hike on Sunday, August 2

Gary Szelc leading Delaware Water Gap hike on Sunday, August 2 in the last Highpointers 2009 Convention event.

So, you’ve traveled hundreds, maybe thousands of miles to the New Jersey area. You’ve been on a train ride to the Big Apple, munched away at a barbecue, listened to seminars, watched the sunset, rock climbed in the ‘Gunks, went canoeing, tubing, or kayaking, enjoyed yet another happy hour and a pancake breakfast, you’ve hiked in and around the High Point summit, and stuffed yourself at the Annual Banquet while being suitably entertained.

Now it’s Sunday morning and you’re feeling kind of sad at the “ ‘Til Next Year Breakfast” because you haven’t quite got your fill of the Garden State. Well, cheer up! There’s still time for one more hike!

After the Sunday breakfast we’ll drive on down to the famous Delaware Water Gap in New Jersey. From the Gap we’ll take an 8-mile (round-trip) or so hike up the scenic Dunnfield Creek Ravine Trail to the also famous Sunfish Pond—the southernmost glacial pond on the Appalachian Trail. We’ll enjoy the view of the Pond (sorry, no swimming) while we have lunch and then hike back on the Appalachian Trail to the parking lot. (The trailhead is right next to Interstate Route 80 for those of you traveling on to other places after the hike.) The trail is generally moderate, although rocky in areas, some stream hopping, and a boulder field to cross on the Kittatinny Ridge. There is about 800+ feet of elevation gain over the 4+ miles. Bring the usual hiking gear—windbreaker/rain jacket, brim hat, sunscreen, snacks and lunch, plenty of water and/or energy drinks (New Jersey can be hot and humid at the beginning of August), and sturdy hiking boots.

Any questions please let me know, otherwise see you all in a couple of weeks!

Gary Szelc

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