Found camera 9/2/18

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    I believe you found my camera. I hope you still have it, or at least the pictures. Please let me know how I can arrange to get it back if you still have it. I just discovered this forum, otherwise I would’ve contacted you sooner. Also, you described the right person and car.
    Derek Rosenau

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    If you do not still have the camera, I completely understand – it has been over a month. I did have most of the pictures backed up. You are also correct that I drove off with it on my roof. I realized it 20 minutes down the road and came back – I must have barely missed you on your way down.

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    Hope its not too late

    Hello Eric,
    By the way, if you need confirmation that I am who I say I am, I can provide information about the camera and some of the contents of the memory card. The camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7. I can also describe most of the pictures on the memory card, as I downloaded the contents on August 11, which were in file 137_PANA.
    I hope that you see these messages, and I really appreciate what you’ve done so far. Please let me know if you have seen these messages, even if you no longer have the camera or memory card.
    Thanks again.

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    Hey Derek,
    I do still have the camera. My wife and I debated whether we should leave the camera at the gate or not but ultimately decided to take it with us and try to find the owner online. We figured that highpointers are a relatively small group so our chances would be good. I’m so glad that you found this post. I was beginning to lose hope that we would find the owner. Send me your email address so I can get your information to send it back to you.


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    Thank you so much

    That is amazing. Thank you for holding on to it. I thought I would never see it again. My email address is

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