Highpointers Foundation Sit on the Bench Contest

Highpointers Foundation Bench
The Highpointers Foundation is sponsoring a contest to see who can photograph themselves sitting on the most Highpointers Foundation benches which are near 23 highpoints.

Per their facebook page:

Announcing an exciting new contest: Battle of the Benches!

Lace up your boots and fuel up your car, because you’re in for a new highpointing challenge. The Highpointers Foundation currently has installed 28 benches at state highpoints across the country, with 3 more on the way this year in 2016. Whoever can provide photo evidence of themselves sitting on the most benches (out of 31 total) by the Massachusetts Konvention (July 22, 2017) will win the contest and prizes!

Photos must clearly show the individual participating in the contest in addition to the bench with some background to verify the location. All photos must be emailed to battleofthebenches@gmail.com. Additional questions about the contest can be directed to this Facebook page or to the email. In emails, please include your name along with dates and locations of each bench photo. If multiple people finish all 31 before the Massachusetts Konvention, then whoever submits all of their photos to the email first will win the prizes.

We’ll keep a running spreadsheet of contest participants so we can post periodic updates about who is winning or who has completed the contest! Email battleofthebenches@gmail.com for a complete list of the benches with their locations.

PRIZES for the winning individual:
The Highpointers Foundation will pay for a one-year membership to the Highpointers Club.
The winner will receive an early edition of the book “Annapurna” by Maurice Herzog.
The winner will receive a special ‘bench-sitter’ T-shirt!
The winner will get a shoutout with a photo in the Club’s quarterly newsletter, Apex to Zenith.
The winner will get a shoutout on the Highpointers Foundation Facebook and Instagram pages.

Note: Highpointers Foundation Directors and Associate Directors are not eligible for the contest, but are still encouraged to visit the benches!

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