Issue #101 of “Apex to Zenith” Second Quarter 2013

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Articles in Issue 101 of Apex to Zenith Quarter 2013 include:

Cover – Audra Farrell on trail near Whitney ‘s summit; Rainier
snow bridge by Ric Anderson. Freeman & Archer Vander Lugt watch cog on Mt Washington; Eva Gustavsson descends Kings Peak; Joe
Stewart’s Katahdin
2 – Richard Lowe and Jennifer Myers plan wedding on Gannnett
3- John Jancik photo of Rock Reef Pass, Florida elevation 3.
4- Tristate Point photos (Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri); (Oklahoma-Missouri-Arkansas); Texas-Arkansas-Louisiana
5 – Steve White: Lowlander Climbs Mt Elbert
6 – Highpoint Updates on Illinois (visitation dates), Maryland (new Highpointers Foundation bench and mailbox dedicated in 2012); Mark Wadel says South Carolina highpoint is 100 feet north of the antenna and not where noted in SummitPost.
7 – Roy Wallen COunty Highpointer
8 – Le Cache (Treasurer Don Holmes notes the tax forms have been submitted); Highpointer Club Award nominations; President’s Message (welcoming new board members John Keator and Ray Nelson and the return of Kamell Abdnour, Roger Rowlett and Gary Szelc and saluting the departure of Jerry Lee Cobleigh and and Tom Karchesy); Bylaws update on eliminating term limits for board members
9 – Membership update; Broad Dyke where the Duke of York about installed a huge compass marking the north end of Delaware (the compass is now at 3rd and Chestnut and Wilmington
10-13 – Maine registration packet
14-15 – S.aftey O.n S.ummits #28 Wild Fires Part 2 by Rick Hartman
16 – Highpointers Foundation News with among other things auctioning a signed copy of the Ascent of Everest by John Hunt and autographed by Ed Hillary.
17 – Klimibing Kollaborator; Jean Trousdale’s announcement that the Merc is now by Nena & Bomber Brown 81 Pounders Lane, Russellville, Alabama 35654; 256-627-2747;
18- Merc Catalog
19 – Highpoint Handstands
Back Cover – What do we love about Highpointing? Seeing the variety of America of course! And a moose head in a trailer
typifies these unexpected sights, as seen during Joe Stewart’s
trip to Maine in September (moose season)

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