Issue #70 of “Apex to Zenith” Third Quarter 2005

The 3rd Quarter (Fall) 2005 Apex to Zenith Highpointers Club Newsletter (Issue #70) has hit the stands. As per usual it’s spectacular. You have to be a member to get it and it’s only $15/year.

By being a member you a formally granted permission to climb privately owned Charles Mound and Black Mountain and there’s some special arrangements on other highpoints. Join now

The articles are not online but in interests of search engines here’s a summary:
Cover – Photo of trail work on opening of Jerimoth Hill
2 – Table of Contents, Note from the Editors (the publication has gone back from newsprint to glossy) and Errata
3 – 50 Completer Don Berens (#8) finally tells his tale
4-5 – Ben Jones on 50 highpoints in 50 days
6 – Serge Massad First Canadian 50 Completer
7-8 – 50 Completers Mark Sikorski and John Singlaub
9 – Greg Stone on starting on Alaska and finishing 50 in Florida
10 – 48 Completers Steve Sather and Mike Schnell
11 – 48 Completers Tim Townsend, Lisa de Lalla and Diane Winger
12 – Klimbin’ Kollaborator (including Saturday, April 29, 2006, gathering in New York City– contact
13-14 – Highpoint Updates on IL, IN, KY, NH, NC, RI, WV
15 – Highpointers Foundation by Dave Covill and Kevin Baker Treasurer Report
16 – Diane Winger Volunteer Opportunities, Don Holmes President Message, Charlie Winger on four liaisons for regions (West – Rick Hartman (; Midwest Region Charle Winger (, South Region (; Northeast Region (
17 – Roger Rowlett Chairman Column
18 – New Member report by Craig Noland
19 – Don Holmes questionnaire on preferences for 2007 Convention in Wisconsin
20 – Highpointer Records
21 – Jean Trousdale on the 2006 Highpointer Calendars
21 – Roger Rowlett on Highpointer Radio Podcast
21 – Mario Locatelli seeking donations to become oldest Everst climber (and to take Jakk Longacre’s ashes with him)
22-23 – Summary of New Hampshire 2005 Convention
24 – Don Berens on whether Harney Peak is the highest point east of the Rockies
25 – K.Kyle Atkins on packing out your poop
26 – Gerry Roach on the highpoint of Crater Lake
27 – Don Holmes Jakk Longacre Award
28-29 Dave Covill and Stony Burk on changes on Jerimoth Hill
30 – CO-NE-WY tri-point gets new marker
31 – Rick Hartman on Lightning precautions in Safety on Summits column
32 – Rick Hartman on May Paulson-Lauda and Alfred Paulson climbing the state highpoints in the 1970s
33 – Fred Lobdell on County Highpointing including the visit to privately owned Croydon Peak
34 – Correspondence – Letters from Quebec and Pete Anderson on recommending to take your time highpointing and enjoy it
35 – Steve Tursi Milestones column
36-37 – Highpoint Milestone Color Photos
38-39 – New Hampshire 2005 Color Photos
40-41 – Rhode Island 2005 Color Photos
41 – Adam Helman Book on Prominence
42 – Jakk Longacre Scattering Updates (Gerry Roach, Barb Gurtler plan to take him to Carstenz Pyrmaid)
43 – HP Merc Pricelist
Back Cover – Greg Stone photo of fall in Virginia

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