Issue #75 of “Apex to Zenith” Fourth Quarter 2006

Highlights of the Winter 2006 issue of the Club’s Apex to Zenith magazine:

Front Cover – Caj Svensson photo of Gannett Peak
2 – Nominations for 2007-2008 Board of Directors
3 – 50 Completer Phil Sweet
4 – 50 Completer Walt Winston and 48 Completer Erica Clarkson
5 – 48 Completers Jake Meyers and Tom Stengel
6 – 48 Completer Sisters Jordana and Debroah Jakubovic
7 – Jakk Longacre Ash updates
8 – K. Kyle Atkins on 50 Completion all done on first attempt and never rained out
9 – Highpoint Updates including note that Greylock can only be accessed by hiking in 2007 and 2008 and that the North Carolina Highpoint tower has been torn down
10 – New signs for Britton Hill
11 – Points of interest in Louisiana, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, South Dakota and Virginia
12 – Klimbin Kollaborator highlihgt and
13-14 – Tri-State Points – Bill Wentzel is reprint Jack Parsell’s book
15 – Club business including a note to send nominations to nominations @ (it’s spaced here to thwart harvestors
16 – Chairmans Column – discussing $1 million in federal funds for Rhode Ilsnad
17 – Lists – Among the lists are those attempting to climb the states in ascending elevation order and a list of the most difficult peaks on each continent (North America – Kitchatna Spire, South America – Torre Egger; Antartica – Rakekniven, Europe – Shkhara, Africa – Mount Kenya, Austalasia – Mount Cook, Asia – K2
18-20 – Wisconsin application for convention
21 – Invitation for a New Hampshire gathering on Mount Monadnock by contacting Agnes Sebille at
22 – HttP:// computer column
23-24 – Rick Hartmans S.afety O.n S.ummits column about bear strategies
25 – County Highpoint information
26 – Gerry Roach column on Park Pointing at Ise Royale
27-28 – World Highpoints including an article by Greg Weiler about 53 attending a Jakk Ash ceremony in Denmark
29 – Jim Perkins, Pops Perkins (Dad) and Kid Josh (Brother) claim to have tied the 24 hour record for highpoints with visits to West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachussets, and Rhode Island
30-31 – Color photos
32-33 – Merc and other items to buy
34 – Books by Club Member Walt Borneman on “14,000 Feet: A Celebration of Colorado’s Highest Mountains” and Don Kjelleren on “Happiness: The Road to Well Being”
35 – Color photos of Highpoint poses
Back Cover – The famed Hill Top restuarant cinnamon roll on Arvon

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