Issue #91 of “Apex to Zenith” Fourth Quarter 2010

apex91Issue #91 (Fourth Quarter 2010) of Apex to Zenith is out. Our newsletter editor John Mitchler has been a busy puppy putting out two newsletters in less than a month to get our quarterly schedule caught up. And as usual it’s worth it.

Cover – Carrie and Jim Harris on Humphreys Peak and a turtle on Cheaha
2-3 – Various color photos including Tom Ferguson with Sarah Palin in Alaska during a 12,000 mile motorcycle trip across the U.S.
4-5 – 48 completers Ric Altman and Steve Palermo
6 – Sunrise on Mount Magazine
7 – Map of Mount Davis and new bench on Arvon
8 – New brochure for Mount Davis; Illinois open dates June 3-4/July 2-3/August 6-7/September 3-4/Ohio Convention July 17
9 – 48 Completers Linda and Blaine Sorenson
10-11 – Jonathan Esper on highpoints of Belgioum, Luxembourg, Netherlands
12 – Roy Wallen Column on County Highpointing
13 – President Jim Sutton’s Message
14 – Dave Covill presenting the Paul Zumwalt Award to Sarah Wood at the Mounaineering Museum in Golden
15 – Craig Noland on New Members
16 – Highpointers Memorabilia; Kyle Atkins on “A Denali Revelation”
17 – Mark Aiken’s New York Times article on “6 Days, 6 States, 6 Peaks”
18-20 – Ohio Convention 2011
21 – Oregon Convention 2012, Charlie Winger “Two Shadows” book, Gerry Roach book “Orthogonal Adventures”
22 – Dave Covill Highpointers Foundation News
23 – Nuggets in the Scree and Correspondence
24-25 – Ardel Frick “Take Care Up There” column
26 – Lightning Safety for Campers and Hikers
27 – Greg Weller on Tri-State points; Eric Lichtenstein on international tri-pointing
28-29 – Merc
30 – Dave Covill on Denali Summits
31-32 – John Mitchler on Denali Summits 1903-2010
33 – Milestones
34-35 – Color summit photos
Back Cover – “Love” photo of brothers Billy and Steve Urbanski at the Nimrod Dam sign (they “love” highpointing)

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