Jack Ash Project – Big Apple Adventure

Highpointer Club Founder Jack Longacre’s wish to have his ashes scattered atop the highest point of each state started auspiciously with his August 14, 2003, arrival in New York City just as the power went off from New York to Michigan to eastern Canada in the biggest power black out in North American history.

Jack also visited the Empire State Building, Yankee Stadium, Broadway and the Hamptons

Those who have become very superstitious about the adventures associated with the scatterings will find this the grand finale! Jack’s ashes are scheduled to be scattered on the last state highpoint — New York’s Mount Marcy on Oct. 4. Roger Rowlett, who was at the first scattering in November 2002 in Missouri will lead the group. There’s also some symmetry in that four of the original highpointers were New Yorkers (Don Berens, Clark Hall and Jack and Joyce Parsells).

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