Jack Ash Project

Jack Longacre’s final wish was to have his ashes scattered on the high points of all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Jean Trousdale, a close friend of six years, took the responsibility of making sure it happened. After Jack died of cancer in October 2002, Trousdale spent the next year coordinating a nationwide set of memorial ceremonies for him.

More than 600 people have taken part in scattering Jack, but Trousdale was the only person who had the job of putting Jack’s remains into 51 separate film canisters, which Jack had marked with the names of each state. She didn’t know if it was going to freak her out or not, she says, but a man’s last wish is a man’s last wish, so she sat down with the canisters, a roll of bubble wrap, 51 Ziploc bags, 51 boxes, and a box of ashes that used to be her friend.

I just scooped them out,” Trousdale says. “Just took the little canister, dipped the ashes out and wiped the canister off.” Before he died. Jack had shown her how he wanted her to seal each canister before mailing it. “I’ve dealt with ashes before,” Trousdale says. “They’re just calcium.

[Ed: The above text is paraphrased from pages 19-20 of Brendan Leonard’s thesis “Because it is there“. You can read his full article on the “Jack Ash Project” (pages 19-33) for more information.]

The initial effort was to memorialize Jack’s ashes on all 50 state highpoints and DC. Since then, Jack has been memorialized on all 7 continents. If you are high point traveling abroad and wish to take a bit of Jack Longacre to a mountain top, email Mick Dunn at mickfords@gmail.com stating your proposed destination after which he will consult his tracking spreadsheet.

The following tables show where Jack Longacre’s ashes have been memorialized. Links will show pictures or specific memorial pages.

United States Africa Antartica
Asia Australasia Europe
North America South America

Map pin color codes for highpoint of continent, country, state, county, other, default – non-HP

United States

The following is a list of people responsible for scattering Jack Longacre's ashes on the state highpoints as part of the "Jack Ash Project". Alan Ritter, club member and liason for Taum Sauk, MO, has taken responsibility for maintaining the highpoint arrows shown in this table.

color codes for highpoint of continent country state county other

Cheaha Mountain - 2,407ft
  [HP of Alabama]
  [HP of Cleburne County]
2003-04-10Gary White and 7 others
The Big Tree [world's largest yellow poplar tree] - 680ft2003-04-10Gary White, Tim & Andrew Webb, Jean Trousdale
Denali - 20,320ft
  [HP of North America]
  [HP of United States]
  [HP of Alaska]
  [HP of Denali Borough]
2003-07-05[Photo in #62-03q3-p10]
John Mitchler, Mikhail P., Dirk Stephan, Thomas Jahn, Keith Woodhouse, Irais Leon and guides Greg Franson, Matt Schonwald, Keri Meagher, Tyson Bradley
Humphreys Peak - 12,633ft
  [HP of Arizona]
  [HP of Coconino County]
2003-06-21Bob Packard and 2 others
Browns Peak - 7,657ft
  [HP of Maricopa County]
Andy Martin, John Mitchler, Kathy Dalsaso, Scott Cockrell, John Collard, Renata Collard, Patrick Thornley, Jim Wells, Lisa Ann Hale
Mount Lemmon - 9,157ft
  [HP of Pima County]
2010-05-31Andy Martin, Rick Hartman, Sjaak Van Schie
Skeleton Mesa HP - 8,090ft2015-09-06Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Ventana Peak - 2,630ft
  [HP of Sawtooth Mountains]
2009-03-15Andy Martin, Gary Fabiano, Douglas Howard and 15 SAHC hikers
Magazine Mountain - 2,753ft
  [HP of Arkansas]
  [HP of Logan County]
2003-05-25David & Brenda Young and 3 others
Mount Whitney - 14,494ft
  [HP of Continental US]
  [HP of California]
  [HP of Inyo]
  [HP of Tulare]
2003-09-10[Photo in #63-03q4-p6]
Penelope May, Rick Hartman and 6 others
Sonoma Mountains HP - 2,466ft2010-09-07Andy Martin
Goosenest - 8,280ft2008-06-08
Andy Martin
Mount Patterson - 11,673ft2008-06-11Andy Martin
New York Mountains HP - 7,536ft2008-03-25Andy Martin, Richard Carey
South Yolla Bolly - 8,094ft2008-06-07Andy Martin
Mount Elbert - 14,433ft
  [HP of Colorado]
  [HP of Lake County]
2003-06-22Mary Maurer, George Vandersluis and 3 others
Anthracite Range HP - 12,385ft2015-09-14Andy Martin
Black Mountain - 10,840ft
  [HP of Moffat County]
2017-08-25Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Culebra Peak - 14,047ft2008-08-27
Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Edward Earl, Ken Jones, Bob Bolton
Flat Top Mountain - 12,354ft
  [HP of Garfield County]
2017-08-24Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Mount Antero - 14,269ft2008-08-28
Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Mount Lincoln - 14,286ft
  [HP of Park County]
Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Mount Wilson - 14,246ft
  [HP of Dolores County]
2015-09-11Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Bob Bolton, Grant Myers, John Stolk, Duane Gilliland
Puma Peak - 11,575ft
  [HP of Puma Hills]
2015-09-18Andy Martin
Summit Peak - 13,300ft
  [HP of Archuleta County]
2017-08-18Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Uncompahgre Peak - 14,309ft
  [HP of Hinsdale County]
Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Ute Peak - 9,979ft2008-09-01Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
West Spanish Peak - 13,626ft
  [HP of Las Animas County]
Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Mount Frissel - 2,380ft
  [HP of Connecticut]
  [HP of Litchfield County]
2003-04-26Leon Barkman and 4 others
Ebright Azimuth - 448ft
  [HP of Delaware]
  [HP of New Castle County]
2003-05-11Joe Snoha
Britton Hill - 345ft
  [HP of Florida]
  [HP of Walton County]
2003-03-22[Photo in #61-03q2-p7]
Jon Mann and 1 other
Brasstown Bald - 4,784ft
  [HP of Georgia]
  [HP of Towns County]
2003-06-29[Photo in #62-03q3-p4]
Craig & Mary Jane Noland and 2 others
Mauna Kea - 13,796ft
  [HP of Hawaii]
  [HP of Hawaii County]
2003-05-26David & Debbie Fees
Borah Peak - 12,662ft
  [HP of Idaho]
  [HP of Custer County]
2003-08-03Vince Golbeck, Charlie Lutomski, Carol Collins and 8 others
Bald Mountain - 5,320ft
  [HP of Latah County]
2013-09-05Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Black BM - 9,395ft
  [HP of Black Pine Mountains]
2013-06-21Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Cache Peak - 10,339ft2009-07-27Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Deep Creek Peak - 8,748ft
  [HP of Power County]
2013-06-22Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Latour Peak - 6,408ft
  [HP of Kootenai County]
2012-09-23Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Meade Peak - 9,962ft
  [HP of Caribou County]
  [HP of Bear Lake]
2013-06-24Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Oxford Peak - 9,282ft
  [HP of Oneida County]
2013-06-27Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Scotchman Peak - 7,015ft
  [HP of Bonner County]
2013-09-02Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Charles Mound - 1,235ft
  [HP of Illinois]
  [HP of Jo Daviees County]
2003-08-02[Photo in #62-03q3-p24]
Paul Zumwalt, John Mitchler and ~300 convention attendees
Hoosier High Point - 1,257ft
  [HP of Indiana]
  [HP of Wayne County]
2003-04-12Nikki Hemphill, Wayne Stitt and 13 others
Hawkeye Point - 1,670ft
  [HP of Iowa]
  [HP of Osceola County]
2003-08-03Wendy Hecht and 14 others
Mount Sunflower - 4,039ft
  [HP of Kansas]
  [HP of Wallace County]
2003-03-29Diane & Charlie Winger and 2 others
Black Mountain - 4,145ft
  [HP of Kentucky]
  [HP of Harlan County]
Aaron & Anna Daniel
2010-07-08Andy, Sarah and Jane Martin
Driskill Mountain - 535ft
  [HP of Louisiana]
  [HP of Bienville Parish]
2003-05-22M. Luke, R. Scott and 30 others
Rick Overholt, Tucker, Craig
Mount Katahdin - 5,268ft
  [HP of Maine]
  [HP of Piscataquis County]
2003-06-14Carl Rosenthal and 2 others
Bigelow Mountain - West Peak - 4,145ft
  [HP of Somerset County]
2017-06-01Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Old Speck - 4,160ft
  [HP of Oxford County]
  [HP of Mahoosuc Range]
2017-05-27Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Sugarloaf Mountain - 4,237ft
  [HP of Franklin Conuty]
Andy Martin
Backbone Mountain - 3,360ft
  [HP of Maryland]
  [HP of Garrett County]
2003-05-10Gene & Lillian Elliott and 24 others
Andy, Sarah and Jane Martin
Mount Greylock - 3,491ft
  [HP of Massechusetts]
  [HP of Berkshire County]
2003-07-15Peter Anderson and 1 other
Mount Arvon - 1,979ft
  [HP of Michigan]
  [HP of Baraga County]
2003-04-25[Photo in #61-03q2-p7]
Dennis Whitehead, George Johnson, Jack & Joyce Parsell, Greg Lehman and 6 others
Grove Hill - 1,722ft
  [HP of Osceola County]
2003Jean Trousdale, George Johnson, Jack & Joyce Parsell, Greg Lehman, Mark & Gordy Comstock, Larry Baker
Eagle Mountain - 2,301ft
  [HP of Minnesota]
  [HP of Cook County]
2003-07-29[Photo in #63-03q4-p6]
Jan & Ray Nelson and 10 others
Woodall Mountain - 806ft
  [HP of Mississippi]
  [HP of Tishomingo County]
2003-05-03Fred & David Dale, Tim Webb, Paul Zukas
Taum Sauk Mountain - 1,772ft
  [HP of Missouri]
  [HP of Iron County]
Faith & Paul Light, Paul Zumwalt, Lorrie & Haley Krontz and ~35 others
Jack Longacre Memorial - 1,718ft?[various]
Granite Peak - 12,799ft
  [HP of Montana]
  [HP of Park County]
2003-08-05[Photo in #63-03q4-p6]
Larry Baker, Gordie Comstock, Sjaak van Schle and 1 other
Baldy Mountain - 7,464ft2013-08-31Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Big Pryor Mountian - 8,786ft2010-08-19Andy Martin
Mount Cleveland - 10,466ft
  [HP of Glacier County]
2010-08-17Andy Martin, Adam Helman, Dennis Poulin
Northwest Peak - 7,705ft2010-08-14Andy Martin
Trapper Peak - 10,157ftAug, 2005Mario Locatelli
Triple Divide Peak - 8,020ft?Dave & Beckie Covill, Gary White
Panorama Point - 5,424ft
  [HP of Nebraska]
  [HP of Kimball County]
2003-03-23[Photo in #61-03q2-p7]
Dawn Howard, John Mitchler, Tim Worth, Dave Covill, Ernie Mumpower, Ada Morris, Al Capone, Jean Trousdale
Boundary Peak - 13,140ft
  [HP of Nevada]
  [HP of Esmeralda County]
2003-09-17Rick Hartman and 8 others
Adobe Range HP - 8,135ft2010-05-25Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Arrow Canyon Range HP - 5,229ft2008-04-15Andy Martin
Bilk Creek Mountains HP - 8,489ft2012-08-20Andy Martin, Richard Carey
Cherry Creek Benchmark - 10,527ft
  [HP of Cherry Creek Range]
2012-06-06Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Cone BM - 7,276ft
  [HP of Sheep Creek Range]
2011-05-15Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Currant Mountain - 11,513ft2009-07-24Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Dogskin Mountain - 7,491ft2011-05-09Andy Martin
Dolly Varden Mountains HP - 8,597ft2009-07-25Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Duffer Peak - South area - 9,428ft2012-08-22Andy Martin, Richard Carey
Elliot BM - 8,784ft
  [HP of Pin(y)on Range]
2010-05-26Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Eugene Mountains HP - 586ft2011-05-13Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Garfield Hills HP - 8,085ft2011-05-07Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Hannan Range HP - 6,992ft2014-05-06Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Hot Springs Range HP - 6,924ft2014-05-10Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Hyko - 7,950ft
  [HP of South Pharoc Range]
2012-03-26Andy Martin, Bob Packard, Adam Helman, Sarah Martin
Knoll Mountain - 8,764ft2010-05-24Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Lone Mountain - 9,108ft2013-06-20Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Majuba BM - 7,392ft
  [HP of Majuba Mountains]
2014-05-08Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Morey Peak - 10,250ft
  [HP of Hot Creek Range]
2015-06-10Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Orevada View BM - 8,510ft
  [HP of Trout Creek Mountains]
2011-09-17Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Quinn Canyon Range HP - 10,185ft2017-07-20Andy Martin
Seaman Range HP - 8,610ft2010-05-27Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Seven Troughs BM - 7,799ft
  [HP of Seven Troughs Range]
2014-05-07Andy Martin
Slumbering Hills HP - 6,496ft2014-05-09Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Table Mountain - 10,893ft
  [HP of Monitor Range]
2012-06-02Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Mount Washington - 6,288ft
  [HP of New Hampshire]
  [HP of Coos County]
2003-06-21Rick Moore and 4 others
High Point - 1,803ft
  [HP of New Jersey]
  [HP of Sussex County]
2003-04-27Al Welenofsky and 10 others
Wheeler Peak - 13,161ft
  [HP of New Mexico]
  [HP of Taos County]
2003-07-05Rich Small and 6 others
Mount Marcy - 5,343ft
  [HP of New York]
  [HP of Essex County]
Roger Rowlett, Stony Burk, Mario Locatelli
Lyon Mountain - 3,820ft
  [HP of Clinton County]
2010-06-24Andy Martin
Seward Mountain - 4,331ft
  [HP of Franklin County]
2011-06-21Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Snowy Mountain - 3,898ft
  [HP of Hamilton County]
2010-06-26Andy Martin
Whiteface Mountain - 3,110ft2008-07-01
Andy Martin
Mount Mitchell - 6,684ft
  [HP of North Carolina]
  [HP of Yancey County]
2003-06-28Sherm Stambaugh and 1 other
White Butte - 3,506ft
  [HP of North Dakota]
  [HP of Slope County]
2003-07-17[Photo in #63-03q4-p6]
Carol Emlen & family and 6 others
Campbell Hill - 1,550ft
  [HP of Ohio]
  [HP of Logan County]
2003-04-12[Photo in #61-03q2-p7]
Mark & Wendy Comstock, Don & Margaret Novak and 17 others
Black Mesa - 4,973ft
  [HP of Oklahoma]
  [HP of Cimarron County]
2002-12-06Jean Trousdale and 3 others
Mount Hood - 11,239ft
  [HP of Oregon]
  [HP of Clackamas County]
2003-06-22Dave & Beckie Covill and 18 others
Brandy Peak - 5,298ft
  [HP of Curry County]
2011-09-11Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Lookout Mountain - 6,926ft
  [HP of Crook County]
2017-07-11Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Marys Peak - 4,097ft
  [HP of Benton County]
2012-09-10Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Mount Bolivar - 4,319ft
  [HP of Coos County]
2011-09-12Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Mount McLoughlin - 9,495ft
  [HP of Jackson County]
2011-09-10Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Rock Creek Butte - 9,106ft2017-07-15Andy Martin
Strawberry Mountain - 9,040ft
  [HP of Grant County]
2017-07-13Andy Martin, Mark Nichols
Mount Davis - 3,213ft
  [HP of Pennsylvania]
  [HP of Somerset County]
2003-05-10[Photo in #63-03q4-p6]
Sam & Sue Snyder, Charlie Zerphey and 18 others
2010-07-06Andy, Sarah and Jane Martin
Jerimoth Hill - 812ft
  [HP of Rhode Island]
  [HP of Providence County]
2003-07-05Chuck Bickes and 4 others
Sassafras Mountain - 3,560ft
  [HP of South Carolina]
  [HP of Pickens County]
2003-03-29[Photo in #61-03q2-p7]
Bob Failing, Jessica Letterman
Black Elk Peak - 7,242ft
  [HP of South Dakota]
  [HP of Pennington County]
2003-06-06David Gwinn and 1 other
Clingmans Dome - 6,643ft
  [HP of Tennessee]
  [HP of Siever County, TN]
  [HP of Swain County, NC]
2003-04-13Tim Webb and 8 others
Mount LeConte - 1,360ft2003Jean Trousdale, Roger Rowlett, Rick Hartman, Tim Webb, Gary White
Guadalupe Peak - 8,749ft
  [HP of Texas]
  [HP of Culberson County]
2003-09-27[Photo in #63-03q4-p6]
Buddy & Tresa Gilchrest, Robbie Rankin and 23 others
Kings Peak - 13,528ft
  [HP of Utah]
  [HP of Duchesne County]
2003-06-30Don Desrosiers and 6 others
Bull Mountain - 9,938ft
  [HP of Box Elder County]
2009-07-26Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Cedar Mountains BM - 7,716ft
  [HP of Cedar Mountains]
2008-05-20Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Cricket Mountains HP - 7,235ft2008-05-21Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Drum Mountains HP - 7,298ft2013-10-10Andy Martin
Frary Peak - 6,599ft
  [HP of Antelope Island]
2010-05-22Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Goose Creek Mountains HP - 8,684ft2009-07-26Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Grass BM - 6,596ft
  [HP of Grassy Mountains]
2010-05-19Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Indian Peaks HP - 8,420ft2009-07-30Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Lake Mountains HP - 7,694ft2008-05-20Andy Martin
Needle BM - 9,485ft
  [HP of Mountain Home Range]
2013-10-09Andy Martin
North Wah Wah Mountains HP - 8,984ft2013-10-09Andy Martin
Stansbury Island HP - 6,652ft2010-05-21Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Stevens BM - 8,440ft
  [HP of Valley Mountains]
2009-08-01Andy Martin
Stookey BM - 9,024ft
  [HP of Onaqui Mountains]
2009-07-29Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Strawberry Peak - 10,340ft
  [HP of Roan Cliffs]
2010-08-22Andy Martin
Swasey Peak - 9,669ft2008-05-15Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Tangent Peak - 7,047ft2008-05-19
Andy Martin
Tunnel Springs Mountains HP - 8,444ft2008-05-23Andy Martin, Mark Nichols, Richard Joseph
Scrub BM - 6,786ft
  [HP of South Beaver Dam Mountains]
2008-05-13Andy Martin, Richard Joseph
Mount Mansfield - 4,393ft
  [HP of Vermont]
  [HP of Chittenden County]
2003-06-14Norm & Kip Smith and 3 others
Cold Hollow Mountains HP - 3,327ft2008-07-02Andy Martin
East Mountain - 3,439ft
  [HP of Essex County]
2008-07-04Andy Martin
Gore Mountain - 1,982ft2008-07-04
Andy Martin
Jay Peak - 3,858ft
  [HP of Orleans County]
2008-07-03Andy Martin
Signal Mountain - 3,360ft
  [HP of Caledonia County]
2008-07-05Andy Martin
Mount Rogers - 5,729ft
  [HP of Virginia]
  [HP of Grayson County]
2003-06-21Jean Sumner and 3 others
2010-07-08Andy Martin, Sarah Martin, Jane Martin
Mount Rainier - 14,411ft
  [HP of Washington]
  [HP of Pierce County]
2003-09-01Will Mokszycki and 1 other
Abercrombie Mountain - 7,308ft
  [HP of Stevens County]
2012-09-22Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Badger Mountain - 4,258ft
  [HP of Douglas County]
2012-09-15Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Copper Butte - 7,140ft
  [HP of Ferry County]
2012-09-17Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Moses Mountain - 6,774ft2012-09-18Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Mount Spokane - 5,883ft
  [HP of Spokane County]
2012-09-23Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Spruce Knob - 4,863ft
  [HP of West Virginia]
  [HP of Pendleton County]
2003-05-11Jean & Jerry Wagener and 10 others
Andy, Sarah and Jane Martin
Timms Hill - 1,951ft
  [HP of Wisconsin]
  [HP of Price County]
2003-07-30Jim & Nina Sutton and 5 others
Gannett Peak - 13,804ft
  [HP of Wyoming]
  [HP of Fremont County]
2004-08-08Don Holmes and 4 others
DCPoint Reno - 410ft
  [HP of District of Columbia]
2003-04-04[Photo in #62-03q3-p3]
Robert Hyman and 2 others
ASLata Mountain - 3,160ft
  [HP of American Samoa]
Gerry Roach, Ron Richardson, Burt Falk
GUMount Lamlam - 1,332ft
  [HP of Guam]
?John Mitchler?
MPAgrihan - 3,166ft
  [HP of Northern Marianas Is]
2015-06-02John Mitchler
PRCerro de Punta - 4,390ft
  [HP of Puerto Rico]
2004[Photo in #68-05q1-p11]
Charlie & Diane Winger
VICrown Mountain - 1,556ft
  [HP of US Virgin Is]
?John Mitchler?
Bordeaux Mountain - 1,286ft
  [HP of St John Island]
2005?Ralph & Jenni Blumenthal


color codes for highpoint of continent country state county other

EgyptMount Sinai Trail - 1,089ft2005?Rudy Vedovell
TanzaniaKilimanjaro - 19,340ft
  [HP of Africa]
  [HP of Tanzania]
June, 2003?Penelope May
Dec, 2003[Photo in #64-04q1-p3]
Mario Locatelli


color codes for highpoint of continent country state county other

AntarcticaVinson Massif - 16,050ft
  [HP of Antarctica]
Dec, 2003Stuart Smith
South Pole - 9,000ft2004-12-28Stuart Smith
ArcticNorth Pole - 0ftApril, 2004Stuart Smith


color codes for highpoint of continent country state county other

ChinaMount Everest - 29,035ft
  [HP of Asia]
  [HP of China]
  [HP of Nepal]
April, 2003Chuck Bickes
2004-05-26David Liano Gonzalez
Great Wall [Ba Da Ling section] - 2,624ft2005Al Welenofsky
Lhotse - 27,940ft2004-05-21[Photo in #83-08q4-p11]
Stuart Smith
JapanMt Fuji - 12,388ft
  [HP of Japan]
April, 2003Barbara Gurtler
NepalMount Everest - 29,035ft
  [HP of Asia]
  [HP of China]
  [HP of Nepal]
April, 2003Chuck Bickes
2004-05-26David Liano Gonzalez
Ama Dablam - 22,349ft2005Stuart Smith
Lhotse - 27,940ft2004-05-21[Photo in #83-08q4-p11]
Stuart Smith
ThailandDoi Inthanon - 8,415ft
  [HP of Thailand]
2004-02-08[Photo in #64-04q1-p3]
Wayne Lowen, Pat & Charles Cooper, Anne Brown, John Erickson, Burl Brown, Stephanie & Jim Sherman
United Arab Emirates[5 of 7 Emirates] - 6,270ft?Merle Thomsen


color codes for highpoint of continent country state county other

AustraliaKosciuszko - 7,310ft
  [HP of Australia]
2005Allen & Dinah Downs
IndonesiaCarstensz Pyramid - 16,023ft
  [HP of Australasia]
  [HP of Indonesia]
2004Stuart Rudolph
Oct, 2005[Photo in #72-06q1-p8]
Barbara Gurtler, Robert Stein, Andrew Chandler, Karla Wheelock


color codes for highpoint of continent country state county other

AustriaGrossglockner - 12,461ft
  [HP of Austria]
  [HP of Carinthia Bundesland]
  [HP of Tyrol Bundesland]
Gabriel Sitlinger
Schneeberg - 6,811ft
  [HP of Lower Austria Bundesland]
Andrea & Samson & Gabriel Sitlinger
Piz Buin - 10,866ft
  [HP of Vorarlberg Bundesland]
2003Gabriel Sitlinger
Wildspitze - 12,370ft2003Gabriel Sitlinger
Grossvenediger - 11,998ft
  [HP of Salzburg Bundesland]
2003Gabriel Sitlinger
Hoher Dachstein - 9,826ft
  [HP of Upper Austria Bundesland]
  [HP of Styria Bundesland]
2003Gabriel Sitlinger
Hermannskogel - 1,778ft
  [HP of Vienna Bundesland]
2003Gabriel Sitlinger
Geschreibenstein - 2,900ft
  [HP of Burgenland Bundesland]
2003Gabriel Sitlinger
BelgiumSignal de Botrange - 2,277ft
  [HP of Belgium]
2006-03-27Sjaak Van Schie & Lanny Wexler
BulgariaKongur - 6,401ft2014-6-13Andy Martin, Sarah Martin, Jane Martin
DenmarkMollehoj - 561ft
  [HP of Denmark]
2006-08-12[Photo in #75-06q4-p7]
Greg Weiler, Jean Newcomer, Ethan Galebach
Ejer Bavnehoj - 559ft2006-08-12Greg Weiler, Jean Newcomer, Ethan Galebach
Yding Skovhoj - 560ft2006-08-12Greg Weiler, Jean Newcomer, Ethan Galebach
EnglandScafell Pike - 3,209ft
  [HP of England]
July, 2003[Photo in #69-05q2-p32]
Al Welenofsky
Hadrian's Wall - 1,130ft
  [HP of Hadrian's Wall]
July, 2003[Photo in #69-05q2-p32]
Al Welenofsky
GermanyZugspitze - 9,718ft
  [HP of Germany]
2017-01-21James Washburn
GreeceMt Olympus - 9,570ft
  [HP of Greece]
2005-10-03[Photo in #73-06q2-p11]
Rudy Vedovell
2014-06-20Andy, Sarah and Jane Martin
Afkades - 4,961ft2016-05-30Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Agios Dikaois - 3,878ft2016-05-27Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Ali Babas - 6,066ft2016-06-22Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Analipsis (E contender) - 3,353ft2016-06-17Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Analipsis (towers) - 3,353ft2016-06-17Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Arakinthos Oros - 3,228ft2016-06-16Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Arakhnaion Oros - 3,934ft2016-06-12Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Dhirfis Oros - 5,719ft2014-05-24Andy, Sarah and Jane Martin
Dikti - 7,047ft2016-06-05Andy and Sarah Martin
Elati - Stavrota - 3,799ft
  [HP of Lefkas]
2014-06-08Andy Martin, Sarah Martin, Jane Martin
Falakron - 7,323ft2016-06-22Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Fengari - 5,285ft
  [HP of Samothrace]
2014-06-16Andy Martin, Sarah Martin, Jane Martin
Giona - 8,235ft2014-05-26Andy, Sarah and Jane Martin
Gioza - 4,590ft2016-06-25Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Helona Mountain - 2,428ft
  [HP of Methana Peninsula]
2016-06-13Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Ipsarion - 3,950ft
  [HP of Thassos]
2015-06-21Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Ipsizonos Oros - 3,822ft2016-06-23Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Kaimaktsalan - 8,281ft2014-06-12Andy, Sarah and Jane Martin
Kandasti - 5,453ft2016-06-24Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Kerdhilion Oros - 3,642ft2016-06-23Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Kerdhilion Oros (NE contender) - 3,642ft2016-06-23Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Khlomon Oros - 3,547ft2016-06-26Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Kissavos - 6,490ft2014-06-21Andy, Sarah and Jane Martin
Kithairon Oros - 4,623ft2014-06-22Andy Martin, Sarah Martin, Jane Martin
Klokos - 5,837ft2016-06-15Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Kofinas - 4,039ft2016-06-02Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Kongur - 6,401ft2014-06-13Andy Martin, Sarah Martin, Jane Martin
Koni - 3,609ft2016-06-13Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Kourkoula - 3,005ft2016-06-11Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Krithina - 2,569ft2016-06-10Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Kutsotripis - 3,543ft2016-06-06Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Kyllini Oros - 7,789ft2014-05-28Andy, Sarah and Jane Martin
Liakoura - 8,061ft2014-05-25Andy Martin, Sarah Martin, Jane Martin
Likodhimon Oros - 2,424ft2014-06-06Andy Martin, Sarah Martin, Jane Martin
Makriplani - 4,478ft2014-05-28Andy Martin, Sarah Martin, Jane Martin
Megala Tourla - 6,168ft2016-06-12Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Metamorfosis - 5,210ft2016-06-25Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Neraidhorakh - 7,680ft2016-06-14Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Oros Ainos - 5,341ft2014-06-07Andy Martin, Sarah Martin, Jane Martin
Oros Klokova - 3,409ft2016-06-16Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Oros Thriptis - 4,770ft2016-06-03Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Oros Titiron (south) - 2,454ft2016-05-28Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Pachnes - 8,048ft2016-05-29Andy and Sarah Martin
Panakhaikon Oros - 6,319ft2016-06-15Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Pangaion Oros - 6,417ft2014-06-14Andy, Sarah and Jane Martin
Pendeli Oros - 3,632ft2014-06-24Andy Martin, Sarah Martin, Jane Martin
Pieria Ori - 7,185ft2015-06-20Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Profitis Elias - 2,454ft
  [HP of Milos]
2014-06-02Andy Martin, Sarah Martin, Jane Martin
Profitis Ilias - 2,618ft
  [HP of Rhodes]
2014-06-05Andy, Sarah and Jane Martin
2016-06-14Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Psili Koryfi - 5,213ft2016-06-15Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Psili Korifi - 5,213ft2014-06-09Andy Martin, Sarah Martin, Jane Martin
Radomir - 6,663ft2014-06-13Andy Martin, Sarah Martin, Jane Martin
Rigani - 4,829ft2016-06-17Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Sidherotas - 3,855ft2016-05-31Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Smolikas Oros - 8,652ft2014-06-11Andy, Sarah and Jane Martin
Timios Stavros - 8,058ft
  [HP of Crete]
2016-06-01Andy and Sarah Martin
Trikorfon - 5,069ft2016-06-17Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Tsanaktsi area HP - 6,732ft2016-06-24Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
Tsemberou - 4,114ft2014-06-04Andy Martin, Sarah Martin, Jane Martin
Vounasa - 5,299ft2016-06-19Andy Martin, Sarah Martin
IrelandCarrauntoohil - 3,406ft
  [HP of Ireland]
  [HP of Munster Province]
  [HP of Kerry County]
July, 2003[Photo in #69-05q2-p32]
Al Welenofsky
2016-7-3Andy Martin, Sarah Martin, Mike Coltrin
Benbaun - 2,392ft
  [HP of Galway County]
Cappaghkennedy - 600ft2008-12-23
Croagh Patrick - 2,507ftJuly, 2003[Photo in #69-05q2-p32]
Al Welenofsky
Mount Errigal - 2,464ft
  [HP of Donegal County]
Lugnaquilla Mountain - 3,035ft
  [HP of Leinster Province]
  [HP of Wicklow County]
Mangerton Mountain - 2,753ft2008-12-20
LuxembourgBuurgplaatz - 1,837ft
  [HP of Luxembourg]
2006-03-27[Photo in #73-06q2-p10]
Sjaak Van Schie & Lanny Wexler
NetherlandsVaalserberg - 1,058ft
  [HP of Netherlands]
2006-03-27[Photo in #73-06q2-p10]
Sjaak Van Schie & Lanny Wexler
Northern IrelandSlieve Donard - 2,790ft
  [HP of Northern Ireland]
July, 2003[Photo in #69-05q2-p32]
Al Welenofsky
PolandRysy - 8,212ft
  [HP of Poland]
2003Mick Dunn
RussiaMount Elbrus - 18,513ft
  [HP of Europe]
  [HP of Russia]
July, 2003Stuart Smith
ScotlandBen Nevis - 4,411ft
  [HP of Scotland]
July, 2003[Photo in #69-05q2-p32]
Al Welenofsky
SlovakiaGerlachovsky stit - 8,709ft
  [HP of Slovakia]
2003Mick Dunn
WalesSnowdon - 3,560ft
  [HP of Wales]
July, 2003[Photo in #69-05q2-p32]
Al Welenofsky

North America

color codes for highpoint of continent country state county other

Costa RicaVolcan Irazu - 11,260ft2005Merle & Dian Thomsen
MartiniqueMontagne Pelee - 4,577ft
  [HP of Martinique]
Clint Kaul
MexicoCerro Alto Tapanco - 9,695ft
  [HP of Sinaloa]
2010-04-04Andy Martin, Bob Packard, Adam Helman
Cerro Barajas - 10,807ft2010-04-05Andy Martin, Bob Packard, Adam Helman
Cerro el Arrajal - 4,528ft2009-12-05Andy Martin, Richard Carey
Cerro el Centinela - 10,226ft2010-04-07Andy Martin, Bob Packard, Adam Helman
Cerro Gordo - 10,997ft
  [HP of Durango]
2010-04-09Andy Martin, Bob Packard, Adam Helman
Cerro las Tinajas - East - 4,003ft2009-12-06Andy Martin, Richard Carey
Cerro Mohinora - 10,837ft
  [HP of Chihuahua]
2010-04-04Andy Martin, Bob Packard, Adam Helman
Cerro Santa Isabel - 6,234ft2008-03-02Andy Martin, Bob Packard
Cerro Tepopa - 2,034ft2015-03-03Andy Martin, Guy Cloutier
Pico el Cuervo - 6,693ft2010-03-21Andy Martin, Guy Cloutier
Sierra Agua de Soda HP - 3,740ft2009-01-23
Andy Martin Bob Packard
Sierra Agua Verde HP - 5,184ft2009-01-19
Andy Martin
Sierra El Mayor HP - 3,084ft2008-03-01Andy Martin, Bob Packard
Sierra las Animas - 3,360ft2009-01-21
Sierra las Animas HP - 3,871ft2009-01-21Andy Martin, Bob Packard
Cerro Las Palmas - 5,709ft2009-01-18
Andy Martin, Bob Packard
Sierra Mazatan - 5,052ft2015-03-04Andy Martin, Guy Cloutier
Sierra Salorio HP - 3,346ft2009-01-24
Andy Martin, Bob Packard

South America

color codes for highpoint of continent country state county other

ArgentinaAconcagua - 22,841ft
  [HP of South America]
  [HP of Argentina]
2006-01-28Adam Helman, Edward Earl, John Sype, Robert Greene
Ojos del Salado - 22,615ftJan, 2006Bob Packard & Ken Jones
ArubaHooiberg - 541ft2004Jim & Elaine MacKay, Warner
ChileOjos del Salado - 22,615ft
  [HP of Chile]
Jan, 2006Bob Packard & Ken Jones
EcuadorVolcan Chimborazo - 20,564ft
  [HP of Ecuador]
Dec, 2003Stuart Rudolph