Lucy Westlake at 12 Claims to Be Youngest to Summit the Lower 48

Congratulations Lucy Westlake of Naperville, Illinois, who was 12 years, 8 months and 18 days old when she claimed to be the youngest girl to complete all 48 states. The article notes that the family does not have a television and instead travels.

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3 Responses to Lucy Westlake at 12 Claims to Be Youngest to Summit the Lower 48

  1. Shannon brumund says:

    Just a thought, might want to adjust your language to reflect the original language of the article. The use of “claims” implies that she did not actually achieve what she did which is climb the lower 48 or that there is some doubt. Give her the credit she deserves!

  2. WOW! Quite impressive! I’ve done 13 myself and wish I could do more. I make notes in my Highpoint Adventures book by the Wingers sites worth seeing near each HP such as Metropolis, IL (home of Superman), Bat Cave, NC, and Buttzville & Mt. No More & the Woodstock site in NY near NJ’s HP. That adds to the fun.

  3. Doug and Arthur "Spiderman" Harris says:

    Quite an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations. We 100% agree that there is no better way to bond between a father and child than spending countless hours on a trail. Suffering is good for the soul. Climbing the CONUS 48 state HPs is a very long sojourn that takes dedication and determination. Keep on Klimin’.

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