Minutes (Email Session) October 9, 2010-July 16, 2011

2011-12 Highpointers Club Board of Directors on Campbell Hill in 2011 (from left to right) Steve Urbanski, Mark Comstock, Mick Dunn, Marion Bauman, Will Mokszycki, Kamell Abdenour, Craig Noland, Don Holmes, Tim Webb, Jerry Cobleigh, Charlie Feris, Roger Rowlett, Gary Szelc Not pictured: Steve Gamble, Tom Karchesy

Below are the minutes of the electronic (email) session of the Highpointers Board of Directors from October 9, 2010 to July 16, 2011 prepared by Secretary Roger Rowlett and approved the board on July 16, 2011

Minutes of the Highpointers Club Board Of Directors Meeting in Electronic Email Session
October 9, 2010 to July 16, 2011

Following are the minutes of the Highpointers Board of Directors meeting via the Yahoo Email discussion group highpointers-board@yahoogroups.com from the face to face meeting on October 9, 2010 in Sheffield, Alabama to the face to face meeting on July 16, 2011 at Bellefontaine, Ohio.
The email discussions are archived at:
On November 8, 2010 – Approval of bylaws changes regarding “chairman” word changes and – Jim Sutton said there was no opposition to three bylaw changes. Per Jim’s email of October 23, two of the changes involved cleanups of the “Chairman” wording. The third revision involved protect changing the wording to “protect the membership email addresses from unauthorized or inappropriate uses.”
The change include:

1.4 G Membership Meeting Agenda
Any active member may add a topic to the agenda by submitting it in writing to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors President and/or the Banquet Master of Ceremonies, as appropriate.
6.2 Membership Roster and E-Mail Addresses

The membership roster shall not be used for any commercial or charitable purpose without the written permission approval of the Board of Directors. Further, members e-mail addresses shall not be used for any purpose outside of regular official Highpointers Club operations directly related to Highpointers Club business. Those persons receiving members e-mail addresses shall keep them strictly confidential. The list of e-mail addresses shall not be provided to any other entity.

6.3 Highpointers Club Representation
Directors and Committee Chairpersons are authorized to speak and/or act on behalf of the Club and use the Club name in the execution of their duties. Other members must obtain permission of the Board of Directors Chairperson from the President before any such action is taken.

On February 9, 2011 – Resignation of Stony Burk – Stony Burk submitted his resignation from the board and all club related responsibilities.

On February 25, 2011 – Appointment of Steve Gamble to unexpired term of Stony Burk – Jim Sutton announced that the board had approved his appointment of Steve Gamble to complete the unexpired term of Stony Burk.

On March 17, 2011 – Executive Session – The Board met in executive session via conference call to discuss convention contracts that had been authorized by the board on February 25 on a motion made February 18 by Roger Rowlett and seconded by Thomas Karchesy and unanimously approved by the board. Those calling in were Jerry Cobleigh, Bill Deitzer, Nikki Hemphill, Don Holmes, Alan Ritter, Roger Rowlett, Jim Sutton, Will Mokszycki. Also participating was John Mitchler. No votes were taken.

On April 3 – Patch Discussion – John Mitchler said Howard Benyas inquired about a patch for 25 years. There was a discussion about various options for patches including doing nothing. In the discussion there was talk of creating a patch for convention crew members. No vote was taken.

On April 27, 2011 – Approval of Minutes and Budget – Jim Sutton declared the board had approved via email the minutes of the October 9, 2011 in person meeting in Sheffield, Alabama as well as the budget for 2011-12 prepared by Treasurer Don Holmes.

On June 1, 2011 – Board election – Bill Deitzer, Alan Ritter, Nikki Hemphill and Jim Sutton retired from the board. Marion Bauman, Charlie Feris, and Mick Dunn, Tim Webb were elected to their first term in this sequence. Don Holmes was elected to a second term in this sequence. Board members elected Tim Webb – President, Mark Comstock – Vice President, Roger Rowlett – Secretary and Don Holmes – Treasurer.

Tim appointed the following committee chairmen:
1. Conventions (Nikki Hemphill)
2. Newsletter (John Mitchler)
3. Liaison (Stony Burk)
4. Web (Roger Rowlett)
5. Membership (Craig Noland)
6. Merc (Jean Trousdale)
7. Bylaws (Don Holmes)
8. Foundation (Will Mokszycki)
9. Marketing (Bill Deitzer)
10. Board Election (Jerry Lee Cobleigh)
11. Longacre Memorial (Tim Webb)
12. Records (John Mitchler)

2010-11 Highpointers Club Board of Directors on Woodall Mountain in 2010 Pictured from left: Don Holmes, Stony Burk, Roger Rowlett, Tom Karchesy, Craig Noland, Jerry Cobleigh, Bill Deitzer, Mark Costock, Nikki Hemphill, Jim Sutton, Will Mokszycki, Kamell Abdenour , Steve Urbanski

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