Board of Directors Minutes – June 9, 2012, Mount Hood, Oregon

Minutes of Highpointers Board of Directors, June 9, 2012, Timberline Lodge, Government Camp, Oregon

The Highpointers Club Board of Directors met Saturday, June 9, 2012, in the Barlow Room of Timberline Lodge in Government Camp, Oregon, on Mount Hood during the 2012 Highpointers Convention in the midst of a Juneuary snowstorm.
12 of 15 Board members attended (Kamell Abdenour, Mark Comstock, Mick Dunn, Charlie Feris, Don Holmes, Tom Karchesy, Marion Bauman, Kathy Dalsaso Mitchler, Roger Rowlett, Jim Sutton, Gary Szelc, Tim Webb) as well as ex-officio members John Mitchler (newsletter) and Ray Nelson (membership).
Not attending were Jerry Cobleigh (who had a family commitment), Nikki Hemphill (who had a contractual business
commitment), and Eric Lichtenstein (who was climbing Mount McKinley).
President Tim Webb presided and called the meeting to order at 2:04pm. Tim introduced the Board and gave special recognition to Ray Nelson, new Chair of the Membership Committee and Kathy Dalsaso Mitchler who is a vacancy appointment Director.

Approximately 16 other members also attended.

Old Business
The minutes of the electronic meeting on the yahoo group submitted by Roger Rowlett from July 17, 2011 through June 8, 2012, were unanimously approved.
The Treasurers report submitted by Don Holmes was unanimously approved.
The list of honorary members that was approved in 2011 was reapproved for 2012 pending the transition of records from former membership chairman Craig Noland to new membership chairman Ray Nelson (assisted by Jan Nelson).

Committee Reports
Conventions Chair Hemphill was absent.
Newsletter Chair Mitchler reported that LK Mail which previously handled the mailing of the newsletter had been replaced by Alphagraphics, because of delays in the newsletter.

Liaison Chair Burk reported increased activity with state liaisons and the Foundation projects of registers & benches.
Website Chair Rowlett reported the web had a facelift.

Membership Chair Nelson reported transfer of the database from Noland and the need for new software.
Merc Chair Trousdale had nothing to report.

Bylaws Chair Holmes reported two changes in 2011 regarding the wording of term limits and conventions.

Foundation Chair Dalsaso, being new to the job, had nothing to report.

Records Chair Mitchler had nothing to report (described as Budget Chair on the Agenda).

Longacre Memorial Chair Webb reported that he had discussed the transfer of the 9.44 acre Jakk Longacre glade and memorial on Russell Mountain next to Taum Sauk, Missouri. He noted the Club is paying The Wright Group,of Denver, Colorado $782.50 for liability insurance for the property. The policy expires April 4, 2013. It is assessed at $750. He said the property owner Tom Altwies who bought Jakk’s old property adjoining the memorial (about 80 acres) would be interested in the property and would grant the club permanent easement and keep the memorial. Tim said he had discussed the issue with Jakk’s daughter Lorie Krontz who had donated the land to the club and she was o.k. with the transfer. Further he noted that the Highpointers Foundation has indicated it also does not want to assume liability for it. Tim also noted that the parking area trailhead for the Ozark Mountain Trail has been moved down the road from the old location to the Club property. The property owner Tom Altwies said he would donate $1,000 to the club, gravel and enlarge the parking area and execute a permanent easement to the club for the use, maintenance and access for the public to the memorial site. The Ozark Mountain connector trail and trailhead has already been relocated and now goes directly through the glade and the new and improved trailhead for the Ozark Trail is one and the same with the Jakk Memorial trailhead. Don Holmes moved “We allow Tim Webb to continue selling that property.” Jim Sutton seconded the motion. It was approved with nobody opposing. Under the terms of the easement and transfer being negotiated by Tim and member Olivier Kozlowski the club would continue to have access to the entire 9.44 acre site in perpetuity
Marketing Chair Deitzer was absent.

New Business
The board discussed a proposal generated from several members to give certificates to 48-state and 50-state completers. It was noted completers already have pins and plaques. No decision was made on the certificates.

The Board discussed a proposal generated by one member that the Club recognize people who finish 49 highpoints including McKinley, and that the Award be named after Nasti who perished on Denali’s summit with only White Butte remaining. The Board briefly discussed the merits and declined to act.

The board discussed whether the Club should pay for sign language interpreters for the hearing impaired at conventions. The issue came up after a request was made from a member to pay for the lodging expense of a hearing impaired member at the Oregon convention. It was noted the Club is not legally obligated to provide the service. This is the first time this issue has arisen. No decision was made.

Jim Sutton, who had earlier proposed that committee chairmen sign forms agreeing that Club asset belong to the club, raised the issue again. No decision was made.

Tim Webb formally appointed Ray Nelson to be membership chairman. Ray will be assisted by Jan Nelson who also was the treasurer for the Oregon convention. The appointment involves the transfer of the membership mailing address from Tennessee to Minnesota as well as the transfer of the membership bank account from Tennessee to Minnesota. Individual members expressed considerable appreciation for outgoing chairman Craig Noland who did the job for 13 years as well as the incoming Jan and Ray.

The board met in Executive Session to discuss financial matters regarding the use of excess budget from conventions and the membership chairman transition. No action was taken.

Following the 30 minute executive session the board reconvened, took a group a photo, and then adjourned.

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