Photos From 2007 Highpointers Convention on Timms Hill

We’re starting to post some photos from the 2007 Highpointers Convention on Timms Hill.  This photo is in a set on the Timms Hill summit day (including photos from the morning pancake breakfast).

Robert Hyman Wins 2007 Vin Hoeman Award for Work on Surveying DC Highpoint

 Robert Hyman and Nikki Hemphill won the 2007 Vin Hoeman Awards.

Robert won for decade-long effort navigating various government and local interests to get the Washington, DC highpoint surveyed and officially entered into the USGS database.

Robert said the benchmark is now being designed. He is hoping for a formal dedication of the new benchmark in July 2008.

Crew Leader Nikki Hemphill Wins 2007 Vin Hoeman Award

Nikki Hemphill and Robert Hyman won the 2007 Vin Hoeman Award for her legendary leading the “crews” at the conventions.

She’s the official convention liaison and has made organizing the conventions much easier and fun!

And for good measure everybody who had been on the crews were also award Frank Ashley awards.

General Membership Meeting Minutes – July 29, 2007

JULY 29, 2007

Board of Directors Minutes – July 27, 2007

WAUSAU, WISCONSIN [technically Rothschild, not Wausau]
JULY 27, 2007

Directions to Other State Highpoints from Timms Hill

Jim Sutton passes along these directions to other highpoints to visit while visiting the Convention at Timms Hill.


List of Activities in Wisconsin

Jim Sutton passes along this the final schedule for events at the Highpointers Convention.  Read the other articles in this thread for specific map and GPS Directions. See You in Wisconsin!

How to Speak Wisconsin Good

Jim Sutton passes along these language tips for the 2007 Highpointers Convention

Last Minute Highpointers July 27-28 Wisconsin Announcements!!!

The time is at hand to say “Cheese.”  Ignore the time stamp on the article.  Here’s the last minute lowdown written by Jim Sutton on July 3.


Straw Poll for 2009 Northeast Convention

Maine won the straw poll but Steve Urbanski and Roger Rowlett were the only ones to make a formal bid for the 2009 convention and New Jersey won! The poll is still here for your amusement!