Tim Webb Receives Jack Longacre Award at Tennessee 2014 Convention

Tim Webb Jakk Longacre Award
Tim Webb was received the Jack Longacre Award, the highest award of the club, at the Tennessee 2014 convention. The nomination information is below:

Jack Longacre Award

The Jack Longacre Award (the award was earlier named the “Highpointer Cum Laude Award”) is the highest award the club has. It is devoted to a lifetime of service to the club.

Congratulations, Jack Longacre Award Winner Jean Trousdale

Congratultions, Mother Merc Jean Trousdale on winning the Jack Longacre Award during club’s 2011 convention in Ohio.

Craig Noland Wins Jack Longacre Award

Membership Guy Craig Noland was awarded the club’s highest award — the Jack Longacre Award — at the 2010 Convention.

John Mitchler Receives Jack Longacre Award

John Mitchler received the Jack Longacre Award at the NJ09 Convention.

The Award is the highest the club offers. There is only one other living person who has received the award.

The Award was in recognition of John’s considerable efforts on the newsletter and the fact that virtually all club correspondence goes through him.


Don Holmes Wins Jack Longacre Award

Don Holmes received the highest award the club can give — the Jack Longacre Award at the 2005 convention.

Don gave structure to the club that Jack founded, writing its bylaws and establishing a board that cleared the way for the club to receive its 501-c-7 non-profit tax status, and cleared the way for low cost mailings of the newsletter.