Kimball, Nebraska, High Point/High Plains Welcome Center Opens

High Point Welcome Center, Kimball Nebraska
The High Point Welcome Center sign has been put up in Kimball, Nebraska.

Non Club Members in Colorado, Maryland, Nebraska and Oregon Receive Paul Zumwalt Award

Non club members in Colorado, Maryland, Nebraska and Oregon were award the Paul Zumwalt Award for their help with the club and highpointing at the 2012 Convention.

Other Privately Owned Highpoints

Indiana – Be careful about the kids and farm equipment.

Kansas – The owners have created a nice park. Be respectful!

Louisiana – You’re crossing private property as you walk past the church into the woods

Michigan – The highpoint is owned by Meade Paper. They have spent thousands of dollars to grade the road and want you to park by a pond about a half mile from the summit.

Mississippi – The highpoint is privately owned and there’s a cluster of antenna on the summit.

Nebraska – This privately owned highpoint is requesting $5 donations. They also do not wish you to hike across its fields to the Colorado-Wyoming-Nebraska Tri-State marker. Respect the buffalo!!!