Non Club Members in Colorado, Maryland, Nebraska and Oregon Receive Paul Zumwalt Award

Non club members in Colorado, Maryland, Nebraska and Oregon were award the Paul Zumwalt Award for their help with the club and highpointing at the 2012 Convention.


I nominate Alan Hubbell for a Paul Zumwalt Award. Alan was the Manager of Candlelight Storage in Golden, Colorado, where the HP Club has stored valuable items since 2003. Although not a glamorous contribution to the Club, it has been significant. Alan worked closely with us to ensure we had the very best storage unit at the very best price. Alan unilaterally suggested new space which was cleaner and larger than the one we had, plus he provided an attractive price for us to move our stuff out of the smaller (but more in demand) unit which we had. In this secondary way, Alan was a true friend of Highpointers. Tragically, Alan passed away on Jan 12, 2012. The owners of the storage facility, Maria & Dale Bryant should know how much we appreciated Alan, and the Paul Zumwalt Award is the best way to do this


I would like to nominate Lillian Steele, Garrett County Chamber of Commerce, for the Paul Zumwalt Award. She has worked with Gene and Lillian Elliot, out state liaisons for Backbone Mountain for many years printing the summit certificates and maintaining the local brochures pertaining to the highpoint. She provides directions and information to visitors and recommends they take the time to visit the highpoint. She also keeps our club brochures on hand at the center for potential club members to take with them


I would like to nominate Les and Sandy Denton for the Paul Zumwalt Award. Friends of Gene and Lillian Elliot, our state liaisons for Backbone Mountain, The Dentons have for quite a few years helped with various trail maintenance projects. This includes rebuilding the cairns, brush cutting and debris removal such as fallen branches and trees on and along the trail. Recently, after some logging operations, they devoted some time with the Elliots to repaint and move or add some new signs to make it easier to follow the trail to the summit and marker no. 3. There volunteerism has been a benefit to keeping the trail clear.


I would like to nominate Plum Creek and its Employees, owners and operators of Mt. Arvon, for the Paul Zumwalt Award. For many years they have maintained open access to the Mt. Arvon summit area and welcomed visitors and Highpointers. In the past several years, even with ongoing logging operations, they have gone out of their way to keep access open. Recently, the entire road was graded and the new parking area is now further up the road. A complete loop trail has been put in place including a view point. The shorter distance from the parking lot to the summit is also wheelchair accessible. The Highpointers Foundation has been able to provide a new mailbox as well as two benches in cooperation with Plum Creek and the L’Anse Tourist Center.


I nominate Tracy Barrett and the Baraga County Tourism for the Paul Zumwalt Award. Tracy and the folks at the Baraga County Tourism office have long supported the Highpointers Club members in their efforts to reach Mt. Arvon, the highpoint of Michigan. They have helped with signs along the route to the highpoint and they give brochures to aspiring Highpointers (and tourists). They are great ambassadors of the Highpointer Club.


I nominate Gerald Robbins of Kimball, Nebraska, for a Paul Zumwalt Award. Gerry recently retired as the county Highway Superintendent, but before he did that he helped Highpointers. He did so by helping fix the access to Panorama Point. This access was across the High Point Bison Ranch and consisted of a deteriorating wood_based cattle guard and a neglected county road (lane). In 2011 the cattle guard was replaced with a concrete_based, double_wide guard, and the lane was graded smooth. Although this was not high on the agenda of the county highway commission, Gerry found a way to make it happen, and for this we show our appreciation with this award.


I nominate the following people for a Paul Zumwalt Award for their contribution of the Highpointers Club 2012 convention at Mt. Hood, Oregon. These folks provided various services to the Club and members, and were significantly helpful and supportive with their ideas, planning, support, and execution of our event. Trust me when I say that it takes this type of local commitment to ensure the success of a large, complex convention. Members of the Highpointers Club are truly appreciative.

Chandra Pomes, Timberline Lodge, Saturday banquet venue
Charles Barker, Mazama Lodge, Friday social venue
Callie Elliott, Mt. Hood Inn Best Western, host hotel
Brandy Webber, The Resort at the Mountain, lodging
Lee Davis, Executive Director, Mazamas, Portland mountaineering club
Jeff Thomas, Photo Archivist, Mazamas, Portland mountaineering club

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