President’s Message on 2004-05 Election and Service Award Nominations

Members of the Highpointers Club,

It seems that at this time of year, I have the same message. In this issue of the Newsletter, you will receive a ballot for election of five members to serve on the Highpointers Club Board of Directors. Remember, the Board members you elect this year will serve for three years. During that time, they will comprise one-third of the Board which sets the policies of the Highpointers Club. Voting is simple, it just takes a little time. Read the candidate’s statements and vote for whom you believe to be best qualified. I urge all of you to exercise your right to vote. It is your Club and voting is a way for all of you to participate in what makes the Club great.

President’s Column on 2005 Board Election

Don Holmes Presidential message in 2004-4th Quarter Apex to Zenith Newsletter.