2015 Frank Ashley Award Winners

2015 Frank Ashley Awards to non-club members for service to highpoints were handed out at the 2015 Highpointers Konvention. Award winners this year are:

Jessica and Thomas Barthelme
These two people are Jan and Ray Nelson’s daughter and son-in-law. They have been helping Jan and Ray keep up with Membership and IA-15 Treasurer while they are in transition of finding a new home. Both the Membership and IA-15 have been well taken care of.

Mike Earll
Mike is the Chairman of the Hawkeye Point Foundation. I can’t say enough about how much Mike has helped make IA-15 a success. This one is a slam dunk.

Hawkeye Point Foundation
This is for all the members of the Hawkeye Point Foundation that worked to bring Hawkeye Point into the public domain. The work done on Hawkeye Point has been mainly through their efforts.

Steve Koski
Steve is the owner of Indian Country Sports in L’Anse, Michigan. He has been a supporter of the Highpointers Club for many years as an advocate of Mt. Arvon and Mt. Curwood. He is always willing to help folks seeking these highpoints.

Agrihan Climbers
*Fr Morgan Batt
*Jeremy Dixon
*Clint Kaul
*Roger Kaul
*John Mitchler

These are the folks who explored a route to the crater rim of Agrihan volcano, the highpoint of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. This was an epic climb and these folks should be recognized for their accomplishment.

There were no awards in 2015 for the Paul Zumwalt Award, the Vin Hoeman Award, or the Jack Longacre Award.

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