50 Completer stories on the web

Whetting your appetite for the First Quarter issue to arrive in your mailbox.

Here is a video of Mark Birkett becoming a 50 Completer on Kings Peak, Utah.

Will Stoll has created a nice Powerpoint slideshow of his 20 year adventure in becoming a 50 Completer.  The HP location map was created by Matt & Eric Gilbertson for their web site  http://www.countryhighpoints.com/us-state-highpoints/

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  1. Nice slideshow and congrats on finishing the 50!
    I just wanted to ask if you could include an image credit for the state highpoint locations map, since my brother Matthew actually created that map for our highpointing website. http://www.countryhighpoints.com/us-state-highpoints/
    Totally fine if you want to use the image though.
    Eric and Matthew Gilbertson (50 completers 2012)

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