Stony Burk’s Car Mileage Hits 345,345 (largely repeatedly driving to highpoints)

Stony Burk, the highpoint liaison, takes his job seriously literally repeatedly driving to highpoints in his Jeep Cherokee “Cynthia Rose.” He puts up mileage that car companies can only dream of. Here’s 345,345.

Stony Burk Named 2006 Vin Hoeman Winner

Stony Burk shows the Rhode Island property owners
Stony Burk, who gave up so many of his holiday weekends to drive 200 miles from New Hampshire, to host the open access dates at Jerimoth Hill when access was in question, received the Vin Hoeman Award for his efforts during the North Carolina convention in 2006.

Kentucky – Improvements planned for Black Mountain

Announcement on Facebook, 11-19-18, by Stony Burk

“The following is a portion of an announcement made in Benham, KY on Oct. 18th. for a $2.55 million Abandoned Mine Lands Pilot Grant to restore and enhance the Portal 31 Exhibition Mine and create a scenic overlook and parking area at Black Mountain.
The Black Mountain portion of the project will create a new parking area with a scenic overlook, which will lead to a new walking trail that will take visitors to the overlook at the summit of Black Mountain – the highest natural point in Kentucky. A proposed 40-foot high observation tower will provide a scenic view of Kentucky and Virginia.
Several Highpointers and the Highpointers Foundation have been working with the folks in Harlan and Cumberland Counties to assist with improvements. The county now owns the existing tower at the summit and the proposed new tower is still in the planning stages but this is great news not only for tourism in the area but highpointers as well.”

North Dakota – Easement provides public access

Announcement posted on Facebook, 10-22-18, by Stony Burk:

The owners sign the easement document.

“Another highpoint secured for public access. For a few years now several Highpointers Club members working with the Highpointers Foundation have worked tirelessly to nurture a great relationship with the owners of White Butte and develop a permanent accessible easement to the summit. New signs were made and installed to alleviate some confusion over another family member’s adjacent property where he posted no trespassing signs along the section line.The old donation mailbox was replaced with a new iron ranger that securely accepts donations. The property was surveyed and alawyer was hired to draw up paperwork creating a 99 year easement lease guaranteeing public access to North Dakota’s state highpoint. Included in the agreement will be several future additional improvements to the ranch road that we currently have to walk on until the gate. Special thanks to highpointers Valerie Naylor and Dave Covill, and ranch owners, Daryle and Mary Dennis, for this accomplishment that will benefit future generations of highpointers.”

Issue #114 of “Apex to Zenith” Third Quarter 2016

Topic Page
48 Finishers
• Al Aldrich and Linda Comeau
• William A. Burd
• Mick Dunn
• Sue Personett
• Marshall Stewart
• Dennis Stewart
• Melissa Arnot
3, 4, 9 – 16
50 Completers
• Charlie Crangle and Kim Blommel
• Philip Goss
• Mel Strauch
• David Zeps
• Maddie Miller
2, 4, 8 – 9, 15 – 16
400 – Stony Burk 16
750 – Robert Kay 14
Article – Peakbagger App 34 – 37
Completer Summary 6 – 7
Convention Logistics Explained 36
Editor’s Note 17
Highpoint Updates
• California – Mt Whitney
• Idaho – Borah Peak
• Illinois – Charles Mound
• Kentucky – Black MOuntain
• Montana – Granite Peak
• South Dakota – Black Elk Peak
• All 48 Highpoints
Jack Ash Project 19
Klimbin’ Kollaborator 21
Le Cache 19
MASSACHUSETTS 2017 33 – 34
MONTANA 2016 recap 23 – 28
Marketing 20
Membership 18 – 19
Merc 29 – 30
Milestones 39 – 47
More Than 50 20
Obituary – Luna 38
Obituary – Tom Pheifle 38
Obituary – Wendy Comstock 38
President’s Message 17
S.O.S. #39 The Ten Essentials Revisited – part 7 of 7 30
Scholarship 31 – 32
Website and WebMaster 20 – 21

If you are interested in this back issue, please contact the newsletter editor (

Highpointers Board of Directors of the Past

Highpointers Board of Directors 2016-2017
2016-2017 Highpointers Board of Directors at Red Lodge, Montana convention
Left to right: Ray Nelson (ex-officio), Alan Ritter, Bomber Brown, Ruth Anne Heselbarth, Gary Szelc, Kathy Dalsaso, Tim Webb, Nikki Hemphill, Mark Comstock, Mick Dunn, Marion Bauman, Don Holmes, George Paynter, John Keator, John Mitchler (ex-officio)

Highpointers Board 2015-2016
2015-2016 Highpointers Board at Hawkeye Point, Iowa convention.
Left to right: Gary Szelc, Marion Bauman, Kamell Abdenour, John Keator, Charlie Feris, Kathy Dalsaso, Nikki Hemphill, Mark Comstock, Ray Nelson, Jim Sutton, Mick Dunn, Don Holmes, Tim Webb, Alan Ritter
Not Pictured: Roger Rowlett

BOD DSC_3532 BOD +
2014-2015 Board of Directors
Bottom Row Left to right: Don Holmes, Ray Nelson, Mark Comstock, Nikki Hemphill, Kathy Delsaso, Kamell Abdenour
Second Row: Jim Sutton, Mick Dunn, Tim Webb, John Keator, Gary Szelc, Marion Bauman
Not Pictured: Eric Lichtenstein and Roger Rowlett

2013-2014 Board of Directors meeting at Millenocket, Maine on July 20, 2013.
Left to right: Gary Szelc, Jim Sutton, Don Holmes, Kathy Dalsaso, Roger Rowlett, Nikki Hemphill, Tim Webb, Marion Bauman, Eric Lichtenstein (skyping in from Switzerland), Mark Comstock, Mick Dunn, John Mitchler (ex-officio as newsletter editor), Todd Brown (ex-officio as convention host for 2014), Charlie Ferris, Ray Nelson.
Not pictured: Kamell Abdenour and John Keator.

Highpointers Board of Directors
2012-2013 Board of Directors meeting at Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood, Oregon on June 9.
First row: Don Holmes, Kathy Dalsaso Mitchler, Gary Szelc, Mark Comstock
2nd/3rd rows: Ray Nelson (ex-officio), Kamell Abdenour, Tim Webb, Tom Karchesy, Mick Dunn, Jim Sutton, Marion Bauman, Charlie Feris, John Mitchler (ex-officio), Roger Rowlett.
Not pictured: Jerry Cobleigh, Nikki Hemphill, and Eric Lichtenstein

2011-2012 Board of Directors meeting on Campbell Hill
Left to right: Steve Urbanski, Mark Comstock, Mick Dunn, Marion Bauman, Will Mokszycki, Kamell Abdenour, Craig Noland, Don Holmes, Tim Webb, Jerry Cobleigh, Charlie Feris, Roger Rowlett, Gary Szelc
Not pictured: Steve Gamble, Tom Karchesy

2010-2011 Board of Directors meeting in Mississippi
Left to right: Don Holmes, Stony Burk, Roger Rowlett, Tom Karchesy, Craig Noland, Jerry Cobleigh, Bill Deitzer, Mark Costock, Nikki Hemphill, Jim Sutton, WillWill Mokszycki, Kamell Abdenour, Steve Urbanski

2003-2004 Board of Directors
Front row left to right: Jean Trousdale, Gene Elliott, Diane Winger, Mary Maurer
Back row: Tim Webb, Craig Noland, Roger Rowlett, Robert Hyman, George Vandersluis, John Mitchler, Ken Akerman, Don Holmes, Dave Covill

2000-2001 Board of Directors meeting in Hawaii
From left to right: Don Holmes, Mary Maurer, Craig Noland, Bob Failing, Jean Trousdale, Diane Winger, Paul Zumwalt, Homer & Barbara Gurtler, Dave Covill, George Vandersluis, Jack Parsell, Jack Longacre

Frank Ashley Award

The Frank Ashley Award goes to members for significant work in the year prior (it is different from the Vin Hoeman and Jack Longacre awards which reflect cumulative work).

Rhode Island Celebrates Acquisition of Jerimoth Hill on October 22

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, Brown University  Dean David Targan and Highpointer Coordinator Stony Brook at formal transfer of Jerimoth Hill to Rhode Island on October 22, 2014

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln D. Chafee attended Wednesday, October 22, 2014, formal transfer of Jerimoth Hill from Brown University to the state who was represented by Dean David Targan. Highpointer Club liaison Stony Burk who has been active in facilitating this transfer since 1999 when it was surrounded by private property was on hand and gave a speech. state acquisition of Jerimoth Hill from Brown University.

Board of Directors Minutes – July 26, 2014, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

BOD DSC_3532 BOD +
Below are the minutes of the Highpointers Board of Directors meeting on July 26, 2014 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The minutes were prepared by John Mitchler in the absence of Roger Rowlett.

Nena & Bomber Brown, Lizzie Brammer, Valerie Naylor, Jim Hawkins and Rick Hartman received Frank Ashley Awards at 2014 Highpointers Convention in Tennessee

Nena & Bomber Brown, Lizzie Brammer, Valerie Naylor, Jim Hawkins and the Jack Longacre Memorial team received Frank Ashley Awards at the 2014 Highpointers convention in Tennessee.