Nena & Bomber Brown, Lizzie Brammer, Valerie Naylor, Jim Hawkins and Rick Hartman received Frank Ashley Awards at 2014 Highpointers Convention in Tennessee

Nena & Bomber Brown, Lizzie Brammer, Valerie Naylor, Jim Hawkins and the Jack Longacre Memorial team received Frank Ashley Awards at the 2014 Highpointers convention in Tennessee.

Below are the award nominations:

John Mitchler has nominated the following candidates and here are his comments:

You know what takes guts? Taking over the Mercantile Committee! This is a tremendous job, requires a person to be detail-oriented, a marketer, creative, and financially savvy & respected, as well as the physical effort and time spent with the Merc booth at conventions. The HPC Board should recognize Nena & Bomber Brown for having the guts and the ability to take on this role, especially in the shadow of 16 years of being run by Jean Trousdale.

Our annual conventions are national affairs, so it’s nice to see grass roots local efforts such as the recent Regional Gathering in Minnesota. This well attended event was organized by Lizzie Brammer, and she should be recognized by the HPC Board for her efforts to promote Highpointing at the local level

Dave Covill has nominated the following candidates and here are his comments:

Valerie Naylor is the Superintendent at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. She is a Highpoint Helper at White Butte in ND. She has made many trips to White Butte in the past, and continues to be an important contributor. She recently installed an ammo box register she was shipped from Stony Burk in NH at the top of White Butte. She is the local contact person for further assistance at White Butte anticipated to occur this summer, with signage. Valerie is a longtime Club member

Jim Hawkins has functioned as the Donations Acknowledgment Director for the Highpointers Foundation for two years, since Tonya Hancock became a mom and retired from active duty. This important task is complex, and vital, and Jim has performed an excellent job, jumping right into the fray when called upon. Jim attended Foundation meetings for several years prior to becoming a Foundation Director, showing a concern that few other non-Directors had shown to being willing to become involved in helping the highpoints. Jim also is an active highpointer, approaching 40 state highpoints.

Stony ‘Burk has made the following nomination and here are his comments:

I would like to nominate Rick Hartman for a Frank Ashley Award. Over the years, Rick has served the Club with an important aspect by providing a series of articles, S.O.S. or Safety on Summits, for the newsletter. This series is a valuable resource for our Club members providing all types of safety concerns and advice. In addition, Rick has served in the capacity of Highpoint Helper and Liaison for several states providing current climbing conditions and trail recommendations to Club members as well as maintaining open relations with highpoint managers/owners.

John Mitchler has nominated the following candidates and here are his comments:

This past year, the Jack Longacre Memorial project was officially completed with the transfer of the land to a new owner, Tom Altwies. Many Club members were involved in the creation of “Jakk’s Glade,” as well as the solution for permanent ownership & access, and I recommend they be recognized by the HPC Board for making this a successful venture.
Tim Webb – project chairman, conceptual design, signpost, deed transfer
Jean Trousdale – conceptual design, deed transfer, site preparation
Stony Burk – plaque, bench
Olivier Kozlowski – signpost
Roger Rowlett – deed transfer, site preparation
Faith & Paul Light – site preparation, ongoing monitoring
Alan Ritter – site preparation, Boy Scouts inolvement, signpost, ongoing montioring

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