Charles Mound 2017 Access Dates Announced

Highpointers hoping to reach the top of Illinois will have five weekend opportunities in 2017 as the access dates for Charles Mound have been announced.

For those looking for a winter accent to the top of  The Prairie State, access will be granted on February 18 and 19.  However, the lane leading to the highest point will not be plowed.

After February, highpointers will have to wait until the summer months to reach the top of Charles Mound.  Access to the highpoint will be available June 3 and 4, July 1 and 2, August 5 and 6, and September 2 and 3.  These dates are similar to the first full weekend dates set in 2016.

Charles Mound sits on private property in Illinois, and it should be treated as such.  The property owners, The Wuebbels have three firm rules for visitors:

  1. No cars up in our lane.
  2. No pets
  3. No visitors after dark.
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6 Responses to Charles Mound 2017 Access Dates Announced

  1. Ryan says:

    Is anyone planning on going to Charles Mound on the winter access dates? I hear sometimes these access dates become a mini-convention.

  2. Adam says:

    I am planning on going during the winter access. Ill be traveling from Dallas Tx and plan to do WI during the same trip

  3. Mike & Kelli says:

    We have flights booked to visit during the winter access. We will be traveling from Phx and also doing Hawkeye Point…possibly Timms but not for sure.

  4. David Odenwalder says:

    Thank you, Wuebbels, for allowing us HPers access. Did the “peak” two summers ago on the first Sat morning in June. I was probably the first person to arrive that weekend – but before finishing the mile trek up and back I had made two new friends from Maine, and had met close to a dozen other folks also doing the HP. I meant to bring a mug from my home state (or adopted home state) as a token gift – I understand that is Wuebbels’ request – but forgot it. Someday I’ll get a round to sending them something.

  5. David Odenwalder says:

    I understood that two other HPs are on private land – Panorama Point and Kentucky’s HP. I’ve heard about the waiver for Kentucky, and also recently read that Panorama Pt is temporarily closed. Has anyone heard any news about when Panorama might be reopened?

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