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Highpointers Club
The club is run by unpaid volunteers, serving on distinct committees, some of which are standing committees described in the bylaws and others which are temporary initiatives. Some guidance is provided by 4 officers (pres, vice pres, treasurer, secretary) and 15 directors. If you have questions or comments, please contact the Club’s President at  The current president is Alan Ritter. The club’s legal address is PO Box 1496, Golden, CO 80402  The club no longer offers a phone contact.

The club mails a quarterly newsletter to members. Please alert the Editor of news and articles, as well as important personal milestones (climbing, hiking, exploring). Include photos. Send your comments & contributions to  Eric Lichtenstien is the new newsletter editor, replacing John Mitchler, and he is assisted by Justin Sutton.

Web Site & Social Media
Contributions, comments, questions, and changes regarding this website should be directed to the web chair Kathy Dalsaso at  Kathy’s committee includes a web team of Justin Sutton (content) and Clint Kaul. (architect and coding). Similarly, for the club’s Facebook page, please feel free to post on that site. Justin Sutton is the club’s fb administrator.

Please contact the club when you Complete the 50 state highpoints or if you Finish the Lower 48 highpoints.  Contact Terry Bird at  We want to hear from every completer – – whether you are a club member or not, so don’t let that stop you.  Also, if you are getting close to finishing, please alert Terry.

Apply for club membership either online or by postal mail.  Renewals may be made in the same way. Be sure to write anywhere on the application that it is a renewal and follow the same procedure as joining. Email membership at  Todd Curry (assisted by wife Irina) has volunteered to run membership. Please contact them regarding dues, membership, and updates to the database. This includes change of address, additions/subtractions of family members, and your Highpoint Count. The current address for membership is PO Box 473751, Charlotte, NC  28247.

The Club sells various merchandise through “The Merc” as well as achievement awards. Shannon Brumund has resumed responsibility for the Merc replacing  Mary Groeneveld Prior to Mary, Nena & Bomber Brown took care of the Merc for 5 years (who took over from Jean Trousdale). Check out the Merc catalog in the quarterly newsletter, or watch for the upcoming online purchasing on this web site. Contact Shannon at

The club maintains an archive of highpoint memorabilia, historic artifacts, scrapbooks, newsletters, correspondence, articles, summit log books, and just about anything else that can fit into our storage unit. John Mitchler remains the curator and will answer any questions at



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