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      [By: Roy Glass, IV on August 16 2013 at 9:31 PM]

      It was a few months ago when the weather channel posted the fifty highest points in the fifty states. I have to admit, I was intrigued. My father and I, while living in Maryland, took several trips with our youth group to the Seneca Rocks, WV area to camp and go spelunking. I was always amazed at the climbers on the side of the mountain, especially when it’s an easy hike to get to the top. Now that I have a forth child of my own, I want to do something with them that they will remember for the rest of their lives. On Tuesday, August, 13th at 3:23 PM our newest member of the family, Micah, was born. I wanted to wait until his birth to start this adventure. Well, today, August 16th at 1:30 PM we made it to Hoosier Hill. 2 days 22 hours and 7 minutes after Micah was born he was at the highest point in Indiana. I chose Indiana to do first because the other three; Ashton, 7 on August 20th, Lincoln, 4 and Elaina 19 months on August 25th; would enjoy playing in the woods as opposed to Ohio. We only spent about 20 minutes there, but they enjoyed it. There is one less rock, Ashton had it in the van without me knowing about it. We took pictures, walked the loop "trail", saw three caterpillars and signed the back cover in the logbook in the mailbox; TWIMC the logbook is full. Being the first one, all in all, it was a good trip with the kiddos. Three hours round trip from our house south of Dayton, OH. The Highpointers Club membership application is on it’s way tomorrow!

      Roy E. Glass, IV with
      Ashton, Lincoln, Elaina, and Micah
      Highpoint count = 1

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