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      [Ed: Imported from Americas Roof ‘Summit Trip Reports’ forum]
      [By: Peter on June 25 2004 at 1:43 PM]

      This was posted in misc.transport.road

      As I’ve mentioned here before, I’ve gotten into highpointing lately. This
      is visiting the highest points of all the states (although something tells
      me I’m never going to climb Mt. McKinley…)

      Anyway, on Sat. June 12 I decided to knock out Indiana’s highpoint, which is
      north of Richmond.

      My route up was I-275 to I-75 to I-70 to IN 227 to county roads.

      The progress of the new 75/70 interchange north of Dayton is really cool to
      see. Giant concrete supports where a ramp will go…

      This was only my second time on I-70 between the Dayton Airport and Richmond
      (the other was about 10 years ago).

      This part of I-70 has a LOT of trucks on it. There is also a lot of car
      traffic, and the road really needs to be three lanes.

      A little before the Indiana line there’s a rest area – and it has a large
      truck parking lot! I’ve never seen this in Ohio, except for the turnpike.
      Please ODOT, rebuilt other rest areas with this!

      The Blue Arc over I-70 at the Ohio/Indiana line appears to be Ohio’s. It is
      inside of Ohio and only has Ohio-related signs on it.

      I went north on IN 227 for maybe 10 miles or so, and then turned on a few
      county roads. I had fairly good directions to the high point but missed it
      and turned around. A local driver pulled up alongside and asked me if I was
      looking for the highpoint. I said yes, and he pointed it out to me.

      I parked alongside the road and walked along the grassy edge of a field for
      100 feet or so, and then walked through the woods for maybe 15 feet. There
      was a clearing, a pile of rocks, two benches broken by vandals, and a
      structure to help you cross a barbed wire fence (no longer needed since
      someone had cut the fence)

      Definitely the lamest high point I’ve been to so far, and not nearly as cool
      and Indiana’s 2nd highest point – Weed Patch Hill in Brown County State

      I took IN 227 back to I-70, but took US 35 through Eaton and into Dayton. A
      fair amount of traffic on this part of 35, but not enough to require
      widening or anything like that. Dayton’s electric bus lines make it as far
      as the western end of the US 35 expressway (they don’t go on the expressway,
      they appear to follow old US 35 or whatever it’s called). This is also the
      point at which signs of suburbia first appear (the western part of
      Montgomery County was definitely rural)

      Although many maps show the US 35 expressway that is west of I-75 as a full
      freeway, it does have at least one stoplight (more I think). There are no
      business entrances or driveways or anything, though.

      -Pete Jenior – Cincinnati, Ohio
      -Civil Engineering Major
      Georgia Tech (downtown Atlanta)

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