Highpointers Build New Trail to Jerimoth Hill With Sanction of New Owners

The new private owners of the Jerimoth Hill — Jeff and Deb Mosley — authorized the Highpointers Club to build a new trail to the Jerimoth Hill summit.

Club members returning from the Labor Day 2005 Convention on Mount Washington stopped by to spread pea gravel, cut trees for a trail beside the former jeep trail and erect new signs.

Club President Don Holmes presented the Mosleys with a Certificate of Appreciation signed by Chairman Roger Rowlett on Sunday. The building of a new and new signage is a sea change in visitation to the summit which had been severely restricted by the previous owners in which visitations were restricted to five holiday weekends a year.

The previous owners incidentally left behind Highpointers posters and newsletters for the new owners.

Stony Burk prepared new signage, a summit log book and summit log mailbox canister.

Here’s the new logbook and mailbox before they were placed on the Rhode Island summit. The Jerimoth Hill trail signs will mark the way to the summit.

Here’s the new map of the Jerimoth Hill prepared by Stony Burk.

Here’s the headstone of Mr. Jerimoth for whom the peak is named. (photo by Tim Webb)

The Jerimoth Cemetery (photo by Tim Webb)

Click to see more photos of the work day.

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