2016 Highpointers Calendar at Merc

The 2016 Highpointers Calendar is available at the Merc.

History and Future of Highpointers Conventions

The Highpointers Annual Convention and Membership Meetings rotate from region to region and are held in one of four geographical areas in the United States each year.

For those who have the “Highpoint Calling” they’re an almost religious experiences where you meet others obsessed with our noble and unique hobby.

Many of our pages are not yet put in the blog, but here’s a little history of the previous conventions and their respective pages along with some photo galleries.


Highpointers e-news of October 27, 2010

2010-10-26aMembership Guy Craig Noland’s October 27, 2010 e-news is out. You can read it online in its full html glory here.

Oral History of First 10 48 Completers

Charlie Feris (48 completer #11) gave a presentation on the first 10 48 completers during the 2010 Highpointers Convention. There is a colorful cast of characters and Charlie met most of them.

Highpointers Club in Providence Journal Article

riPeter Mandel on the Providence Journal mentions corresponding with the Highpointers Club and the accompanying photo shows the Club signs on Jerimoth Hill in an article on October 17, 2010 headlined “How my assault on Jerimouth Hill came up short.”

Woodall Mountain Monument Dedication, Award Winners and 2012 Convention Site Among Highlights of 2010 Convention

The 2010 Highpointers Convention has concluded at Woodall Mountain, Mississippi. As usual it was another spectacular magical convention.

One of the biggest highlights was the dedication of new signs at the base of the mountain and a monument rock and plaque at the top which was paid for by the Highpointers Foundation. The Brown family who own the mountain were on hand. Above is a video of the event.

We will be posting a lot more photos, videos and news but here’s a quick short list of highlights.

*The Club and Foundation dedicated a new stone memorial on top of Woodall Mountain in a ceremony attended by the Browns (the family that owns the summit), the mayor Iuka and a representative for Senator Roger F. Wicker.
*Oregon was selected as the site of 2012 convention beating out a spirited nomination of California.
*Craig Noland received the Jakk Longacre prize for life long club support
*Jim Sutton received the Vin Hoeman award.
*The mayors of Muscle Shoals, Sheffield and Tuscumbia (and their respective city police departments) gathered to temporarily block off the major artery for a club visit to a tri-city point in the middle of Avalon Street.

2012 Highpointers Convention on Mount Hood

John Mitchler and Charlie Feris will host the 2012 Convention on Mount Hood on June 8-9, 2012 after their proposal was selected at the Mississippi Highpointers Convention (defeating a proposal for California).

Don Holmes Roast at 2009 Highpointers Convention

We just posted the entire Don Holmes roast at the Highpointers Convention in High Point, New Jersey, on August 1, 2009. It’s in full 1080p glory. We didn’t have the computer firepower to post it last year.

Part 1
Urbanski brothers Steve, Bill and Ed set the stage


United Airlines Article on Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum

United Airlines Hempisheres Inflight in an article headlined “Three Perfect Days: Denver” pays tribute to the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum in Golden which it says “home of the world’s largest alpinist library. Guide Dave Turk has a story for every item in the museum, including the ice pick that saved five men from plummeting off of K2.” The museum features a Highpointers exhibit among its other cool features.

New Stuff for Highpointers!!!

New “Highpointers Connectior” blog at: http://highpointersclub.blogspot.com/  Here you can hook up with parters for highpointing, swap/find gear, post about books…  Add to it and enjoy it.  any ideas, just pass them along.

As you’ve noticed, there have been some changes and additions around the Highpointers Club and the relam it’s self.  We’re putting out a few polls, will probably be doing some surveys, and trying to make it where all members can get the most out of their club.

We’re using a new service to send out the “e-Bulletins.”  If you have one in you inbox… check it out.  If you’re not getting them then either you don’t have an email address, an expired email add (most common) or it’s being blocked by a “Spam Filter”  Be sure to add membership@highpointers.org in your address book and make sure we’re on your “White List” if you have one.