Issue #69 of “Apex to Zenith” Second Quarter 2005

The Second Quarter 2005 issue of Apex to Zenith has articles about Dave Johnston completing all 50 in winter; four new 50 completers, geology of state highpoints, New Hampshire Convention Updates as well as the annual highpointers club directory.

The newsletter is 40 pages and the supplement that includes the directory and bylaws and other pertinent data.

Subscription to the newsletter is only $15/year.

In the interests of search engines here’s a summary.

Cover – Dave Johnston on Mount Rainier his final summit of 50 states in winter.
2 – A Note From Your Editors
2 – Errata
2-5 50 Completers including:
* Peter Diana’s Photo Colection Documents 50, count’em – 50 state highpoints
* Aron Ralston Completes 50 States with 31 Solo Climbs
* Peter Johnsen’s 22 year quest includes son Andrew
* Tom Folmar Completes #50 on the 50th on his 50th

6-9 – Dave Johnston artilce: Som highpointing sagas including formative forays with Vin Hoeman, 50 as a family and 50 in winter
10 – Klimbin’ Kollaborator including several people looking for Denali partners
11-13 – Highpoint Up Dates – for Alaska, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinoi, Ioa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Mount Rainier
14 – Choices for the 2007 Convention in Midwest article by Dave Covill
15 – Club Business (officers, highpointers foundation, Kevin Baker’s Le Cache Treasurer’s Report_
16-17 – Club Business (Volunteer Opportunities by Diane Winger, President’s Message by Don Holmes, Chairman’s Message by Roger Rowlett, How the Board Conducts Email Meetings by Roger)
18 – Club Business (New Members By Craig Noland)
19 – Club Business (Highpoint Video Show by Bruce Baird, Highpoint Calendars by Jean Trousdale, Liaison Committee Report by Charlie Winger)
20-23 – New Hampshire Convention Application and Schedule
24 – Mario Locatelli, the oldest climber of McKinley and 50 state completer, is seeking to raise $70,000 to take Jakk Longacre ashes up Everest (article by Jean Trousdale)
25 – Updates for Tripointer by Bob Whitney
26 – Kyle Cummings Hoosier Hill Improvements by Charlie Winger
27 – S.afety O.n Summits Column by Rick Hartman about First Aid Kits
28 – Spotlight on Jennifer Irvin by Rich Allen
29 – Park Pointing by Gerry Roach (about Joshua Tree)
30 – County Highpointer By Fred Lobdell
30 – Introduction to New Hampshire County Highpointing by Mohamed Ellozy
31 – Adam Helman Book on Prominence
31 – Jack Updates by Jean Trousdale (we will unveil new plaque in New Hampshire); Jack’s house is still for sale
32 – Al Welenofsky took Jack up the highpoints of the British Isles
33 – Pete Thompson on Geology of Mount Washington
34 – Items for Sale
35 – Milestones By Steve Tursi (with color photos)
39 – Merc Items
40 -About Highpointers Club

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