Straw Poll for 2007 Highpointers Convention in Midwest

Highpointers Club RegionsThe Highpointers Club will vote at the New Hampshire Convention on which Midwest state will host the 2007 convention. You can participate in our nonbinding straw poll by voting below.
The Convention rotates from region to region. The original intention was to have the convention held in each state. So far there have never been any repeats (Midwest conventions have been held in Illinois (2003), Michigan (1987) , Minnesota (1996) , Missouri (1999) and South Dakota (1993) . There is some sentimental notion of returning to Michigan on the 20th anniversary of the first Club event.

The Conventions are decided by the membership attending the conventions since those are the people most likely to attend them. If you would be interested in hosting the convention please let us know.

Last year was the first year that one of our straw polls coincided with the eventual winner (North Carolina).

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