Issue #71 of “Apex to Zenith” Fourth Quarter 2005

Issue #71 of the best backcountry magazine is out.

You have to be a club member to get it and annual membership only costs $15/year.

In the interests of search engines here’s a down and dirty summary of the articles in the publication:

Cover – Kyle Cummings Transforms the Indiana Highpoint
2-3 – 50 Completer Jim Finkowski
4 – 50 Completer Roland Kesller
5 – Klimbin’ Kollaborator including 50 State/50 Peaks Challenge, Denali and Hood Partners and announcement for April 29 gathering in NYC (contact
5 – Don Kjelleren reports that the USGS marker has surfaced again at Ebright
6 – Rick Hartman’s Safety On Summits column focusing on ethics
7 – Kenton Merc for Sale (asking price $165,000 –Contact Alan at 580.261.7447
8-9 – Photos of Indiana improvements and interview with Kyle Cummings
10 – Treasurer Kevin Baker on money rasied for the Good Guys and Gals Fund and the Zumwalt Fund
11 – HP Liaisons Coordinator Charlie Winger on honorary members in each state; Chairman Roger Rowlett column; Volunteer Coordinator Diane Winger on jobs need – internet research, club photo achives, clean up of highpoints, guide and outfitters coordinator. Diane also notes that Carol Emlen has filed 10 years of Jack Longacre’s correspondence.
12 – Membership Guy Craig Noland’s Membership Update
13 – President Don Holmes on upcoming board election and bylaw changes
14-15 Highpointers Club 2006 Convention Registration Form
16-17 Accomodations and other information on convention
18 – Rick and Terry Hartman’s saluting Highpointers in Iraq and elsewhere in Harm’s Way
18 – Fred Lobdell County Highpointer Column
18- Gerry Roach on National Park Highpointing and the December issue of Backpacking about national parks
19 – Milestones
20-21 – Color Photos of Milestones
22-23 – Daniel J. Fleischmann on Highpointing in the South
24 – Highpointer Mario Locatelli raising funds ($70,000) to be the oldest climber on Everest (and to take Jack Longacre up there)
25 – Jack Longacre Ash Project; Adam Helman Prominence Book
26-27 Merc Items
Back Cover – Photos of hamburgers on highpoints

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