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The latest Mercantile price list is out.  Other than new items, reasonable prices and a new postage rate, nothing has changed.  Hah!!!  Mother Merc has always something on the stove. 

Be sure to check back often for something good.Completers:  48 and 50 completers who wish to order a completion plaque can do so through the Merc. 

Be sure to include your name as you would like it to appear on the plaque, your completion date and whether your completion is 48 or 50. Remember that the cost of the plaque is now $65: This price includes the shipping cost .Your plaque will be mailed to you in 2-3 months from the time you order

A Reminder:  When placing orders by mail, please include the following shipping costs, which are commensurate with Paypal shipping charges. Remember, these charges will go up after Christmas:

 $1.00 for orders ranging from $0.01 to $9.99

$5.00 for orders ranging from $10.00 to $49.99

$10.00 for orders ranging from $50.00 to $99.99

$20.00 for orders greater than $100.00

 Colorado residents must add 2.9% sales tax to their orders, and Oklahoma residents must add a 4.5% sales tax to their orders.

 HOW TO ORDER: THE MERC IS SET UP TO ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PURCHASES ON LINE VIA PAYPAL.   See the set up on the Website.  PLEASE NOTE: When ordering award pins via Paypal, you must e-mail your qualifying highpoints with their dates directly to the Merc—separate from your Paypal order—Paypal does not forward them.  Or, there’s always the old fashioned way—send your check or money order to the Highpointers Mercantile, % Jean Trousdale, Prop., 1416 Aladdin, Norman, OK, 73072. Fone and Fax: (405) 329-6189; e-mail

 If you don’t have a Paypal account, one can be set immediately and intuitively on the club website.  THERE IS NO CHARGE TO YOU FOR USING PAYPAL.  You will be asked only the standard questions about your name, address and credit card via a secured server.

Fifty Flag Posters

$40.00 – 36 x 48 Paper                             $10.00 – 24 x 30 Paper


$15.00 –  Hiking Colorado’s Summits – Covill & Mitchler

$15.00  – Keep Paddlin’ – Jack Longacre’s river trip story

$15.00 – Fifty State Summits  Paul Zumwalt’s  guidebook.

$15.00 – Not Won in A Day- Jack Bennett’s Canadian Highpoints

$15.00 –  Highpoints of the United States –  Don Holmes’ guidebook

$10.00 –  Highpoint Adventures  The Pocket Guide –  Diane & Charlie                           Winger

$17.00 –  High On A Wing, A Motorcyclist’s Travel Log to, and Trivia                              About Highpoints   Jim Mick

$25.00 – A Walk Atop America – Doug Butler.  This is Doug’s narrative                  about his highpointing.  A good read, an informative story.

$17.00 – Climbing Across America – A Family Guide To  Highpointing                           the 50 States – Rich, Danielle, and Chris Birrer.

11.00 – Montana’s Highest Point Highest Point   A Climbing Guide.                        Map & Guide.  Joe  Josephson

$60.00 – Bound Compendium of Apex to Zenith Newsletters 1987-1998.                      Proceeds go to the Paul  Zumwalt fund.

$20.00 – James M.Tabor – Forever on the Mountain

          Expedition of July 1967. Vin & Grace Hoeman have small but   important cameos in this gripping new book.  This book is a great   bit of history, and will make a great moutaineering gift.  $20.00    is $6.95 off the retail price.


NEW!!  $35.00 In red or blue, a lined windbreaker that features the Highpointer logo on the front upper left.  The jackets are large, so you are likely to need one size smaller than you usually wear.  We currently carry them in S, M, L and XL—see their photo on the website.

$15.00 – The Jakk Shirt, short sleeve, light brown with dark brown lettering (adult only – S, M, L,XL,XXL)

$15.00 – T-shirt, short sleeve: Club logo (adult white S, M, L, XL, XXL )

$10.00 – T-shirt, short sleeve: Club logo (child, white -XS, S, M, L)

$15.00 – T shirt, short sleeve  “Highpointers Aren’t Born -They Ascend” (adult red – S, M, L,  XL, XXL)

$10.00 –  T-shirt, short sleeve  “Highpointers Aren’t Born – They Ascend” (child red – XS, S, M, L)

$15.00 –  T-shirt, short sleeve,  small logo upper left  front, large logo back (adult  gray – S, M, L XL, XXL)

$20.00 – T-shirt, long sleeve, large logo front (adult ash gray or forest green  – M, L ,XL, XXL)

$15.00 –T-shirt, short sleeved “Mountain Climbing Essentials” aka “The Watermelon Shirt” in light green.  See a photo of the BACK of the shirt on the website.  Adult S, M, L and XL.

NEW! $30.00 – Polo Shirts with the logo embroidered on the upper right can now be special ordered.  The stock for this shirt is also quite large, so please order one size smaller than you would normally wear!!! (adult XL, L ,M, S)


Please be sure to have your list of qualifying Highpoints to send separately by email for yout award pin order.

$ 4.00 – 5 state patch, embroidered logo (climb any 5 highpoints)

$ 5.00 – 25 state pin, enameled (climb any 25 highpoints)

$ 5.00 – 30 state pin, enameled (30 with 5 from each of the 4 regions)

$ 5.00 – 40 state pin, enameled—Any 40 will now qualify.

 $ 5.00 – 48 state pin, enameled, (climb all lower 48 contiguous HPS

*****  – 50 state pin, enameled, new larger design ( free to Completers)

$65.00 –48 and 50 state completion plaques—ordering info above.

Miscellaneous Cool Stuff

$15.00 – The 2010 calendars are here, and they are beautiful! See them on the website. They will be available through January of 2010.

$ 1.50 – Bumper Sticker – “Highpointers Aren’t Born – They Ascend”

$ 3.00 – Keychain  with Club logo

$ 3.00 – Decal of Club logo – (for indoor and outdoor use)

$ 3.00 – Bandana, red with Club logo in silver – (one size fits  all)

$ 5.00 – License Plate Frame, white with red lettering

$15.00 – Ball Cap, white with Club logo – (one size fits all)

$10.00 – Club Pennant, white with logo, individually numbered (small, handy size for hauling up McKinley, Granite, Kilimanjaro and Britton Hill)

$ 2.00 – Club Logo Refrigerator Magnet – Full color  3” diameter

$4.00 – Tri-pointer Patch.  It is a nice design and it is 3 inches in diameter

$4.00 – The Higpointers Foundation Logo indoor-outdoor decal

NEW~! $1.50 –Highpointer wristband—red with white lettering – see the photo of the website.

Summit Log Poster:

          $2.50    8 ½” x 11”

          $5.00    11”   x 17”

          $30.00  16”  x  20”

The following DVDs are in limited supply……

$15.00 – DVD IMAX – EVEREST – filmed during the 1996 climb disaster

$15.00 DVD IMAX – THE ALPS –John Harlin’s climb of Eiger’s North Face

$15.00 – THE MAN WHO SKIED DOWN EVEREST – 1975 Academy Award Best Documentary – the story of Yuchichiro Miura

$15.00 – EVEREST: BEYOND THE LIMIT- Discovery Channel Special

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