Hello!  I am your new Mercantile host, Mary Groeneveld. I joined the Highpointers club in 2014. I decided to do my part investing in the club by taking on the responsibility and volunteering to run the Merc!

If you would like to see something sold by the Merc please let me know. If I get several request for a specific item I will consider selling it at the Merc. Books are not good sellers with the Merc and will not be sold unless it specifically relates to getting to the highpoints or safety/equipment for attempting to get to highpoints.

Order online by visiting on-line shopping cart.

To order by email, click HP Merc Order Form to view available merchandise and to place an order.

When ordering Achievement Awards, click HP Awards to fill out your progress. Then email the form to me.

Once received, I will communicate with you via email. 

Please contact me by phone and email with any questions or suggestions.

Mary Groeneveld
Highpointers Mercantile
PO Box 41
Daggett, MI 49821