2016 Access Dates for Illinois

Trip to Charles Mound 005
Charles Mound is private property with the owners house near the summit. In its history has been closed to the public and there has been a fee.

The owners have given us permission to visit the summit during daylight hours the first Saturday/Sunday weekends of June, July, August and September. There is no charge.

You cannot visit other times.

New Address for Black Mountain, Kentucky Waiver

UPDATE MAY 3, 2010 Penn Virginia has moved to a new location and changed its legal name. Please send the release to the new Penn Virginia. If you are sending to any other address than the one a 7 Sheridan Square, you sending it to the wrong address.

The summit of Black Mountain is private property and is surrounded coal mines.  Due to this, your visit requires a waiver.  You can now get it by downloading the file.


Mount Mitchell NC Tower Open for Visitation Road Work Still Ongoing…

Tower construction is complete and they are “unofficially” open to the public. They should have an official opening next month but we are not keeping visitors from the tower.

Access to Mount Mitchell State Park is limited to the Northeast end of the Blue Ridge Parkway (from State Route 80). The Parkway is still closed between Mt. Mitchell and Asheville with a detour to Route 80.

The Parkway hopes to have one lane open by May 15th, 2009 which would then allow access. You can contact the Blue Ridge Parkway for more information if you like.  NPS / BRP Road Closure Information

(Thanks to Maschelle Peyton at Mount Mitchell State Park for this update.)


Rhode Island Open 8AM to 4 PM Everyday!

Jeff & Debbie Mosley, the new owners of Jerimoth Hill, have dramatically changed the access rules.  They are permitting highpointers to visit the highpoint from 8 a.m. to 4p.m. 52 weeks a year!

Charles Mound Open Only First Weekends of June, July, August and September

Charles Mound is now open only the frist weeks of June, July, August and September. (the weekend being Saturday and Sunday. Owners Jean and Wayne Wuebbels also advise no pets!

High Point, NJ, To Reopen Following Budget Impasse

High Point, NJ, is scheduled to open by Friday, July 8 following a budget shutdown.

Wheeler Peak Reopens Following Summer 2006 Fire Concerns

Wheeler Peak has reopen following fire restrictions.

New North Dakota Owners Daryle and Mary Dennis Reduce Fee to $10

Don Holmes reports that the new owners of White Butte — Daryle and Mary Dennis — are going to permit continued access and have dropped the entrance charge to $10/car. This is very generous especially considering there was talk of permanently closing the summit. They have also not placed restrictions on the dates. Please be respectful of the new property owners. Don has also permitted us to post the North Dakota write update from his upcoming “Highpoints of the U.S.” book.

Avoid Subdivision Access on Maryland

Thanks to Highpointers Gene and Lillian Elliott, visitation to this highpoint is permitted despite opposition from the neighboring Backbone Subdivision.

DO NOT VISIT the highpoint by going through the Backbone Subdivision.  Rather, go a mile into West Virginia and you will see the signs.

It’s a pleasant walk.

The highpoint is owned by West Pocahontas Coal Company.

Other Privately Owned Highpoints

Indiana – Be careful about the kids and farm equipment.

Kansas – The owners have created a nice park. Be respectful!

Louisiana – You’re crossing private property as you walk past the church into the woods

Michigan – The highpoint is owned by Meade Paper. They have spent thousands of dollars to grade the road and want you to park by a pond about a half mile from the summit.

Mississippi – The highpoint is privately owned and there’s a cluster of antenna on the summit.

Nebraska – This privately owned highpoint is requesting $5 donations. They also do not wish you to hike across its fields to the Colorado-Wyoming-Nebraska Tri-State marker. Respect the buffalo!!!