Perpetual Easement on Jakk’s Glade Finalized

Tom Altwies and Highpointers Club President Tim Webb at Jakk's Glade
Tom Altwies and Club President Tim Webb

2013 Board News: Change in Longacre Memorial Ownership

Club President Tim Webb presented brief highlights of the Club’s board of directors meeting in Maine on June 20, 2013

Probably the biggest news was that ownership of the Jakk Longacre Memorial on Russell Mountain on the approach to Taum Sauk in Missouri has changed. Ownership has now changed to the man who bought club founder Jakk’s property but the club is given a perpetual easement to the property which is also now officially on the Ozark Mountain Trail. The transfer eliminates the need for the club to pay insurance on the property but still keeps it accessible to the club.

Jakk Longacre “Last 50 Steps” Tour of Highpoints

Highpointer Club Founder Jakk Longacre recorded the “Last 50 Steps” probably in the late 1990s in which he told his experiences of climbing each of the 50 states. Members could get the VHS tape. Many thanks to Paul Light, who takes care of Jakk Glade on Taum Sauk, for transferring this to a DVD. The recording has lots of glitches but that is all part of the charm of our founder.

Longacre Memorial in Jack’s Glade on Taum Sauk

The club-owned Longacre Memorial is in Longacre Glade on Russell Mountain on the approach to Taum Sauk in Missouri.

The site is on property formerly belonging to club-founder Jakk Longacre and where he wanted a highpointing museum. It is across from his former home. His daughter Laurie donated the land to the club after his death in 2002 after considerable consultation with Jean Trousdale and Tim Webb.

Planned September 8 Dedication of Jack Longacre Highpointers Memorial on Taum Sauk

The dedication of the Highpointers Memorial to Jakk Longacre on the Taum Sauk ridge will be at 2 p.m., Saturday, September 8, 2007.

Jakk Longacre Plaque Unveiled for Missouri Memorial

A bronze plaque honoring club founder Jakk Longacre was unveiled at the 2005 convention in New Hampshire.