Longacre Memorial in Jack’s Glade on Taum Sauk

The club-owned Longacre Memorial is in Longacre Glade on Russell Mountain on the approach to Taum Sauk in Missouri.

The site is on property formerly belonging to club-founder Jakk Longacre and where he wanted a highpointing museum. It is across from his former home. His daughter Laurie donated the land to the club after his death in 2002 after considerable consultation with Jean Trousdale and Tim Webb.

A plaque was dedicated on September 8, 2007. A trail connects it to the Ozark Mountain Trail. In July 2011, officials from the Trail announced plans for improvements that would make the Glade trailhead also a trailhead for the Ozark Trail. The trail is maintain by St. Louis Boy Scouts led by Alan Ritter. The angels of the project were Faith and Paul Light who lived next to Jakk and took care of him while he was suffering from terminal cancer. Since then they have gone well out of their way to help on the memorial in every conceivable way.

The Club’s Highpointing Museum is currently part of the Bradford Washburn Mountaineering Museum near the club headquarters in Golden, Colorado.

These photos are courtesy of Roger Rowlett at Americasroof

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You might be interested in the seeing all the highpoint arrows that Alan Ritter and others maintain at the memorial site.

Paul Light also passes along this video of the dedication of the Jakk Glade memorial on Taum Sauk in September 2007.

The coordinates for the turnoff are 37.57204,-90.698163 Map:

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7 Responses to Longacre Memorial in Jack’s Glade on Taum Sauk

  1. mark hendricks says:

    Iam jakk’s nephew and I would like to make a trip there one of thees days so I can see the greattness everyone has done

  2. Kendall Whyte says:

    Is the memorial easy to find on the road to Taum Sauk? I would like to visit whenever I summit Taum Sauk Mountain. Thank you

  3. Kendall Whyte says:

    It wasn’t too hard to find the memorial. I was looking for an obvious parking area as we were going to Taum Sauk, but I did notice the sign & there it was. It was sunset just as we got to the park, so we couldn’t stay long, but there was enough light to enjoy Jack’s Glade as we celebrated reaching our 24th highpoint.

  4. Traci Isom says:

    I visited the Longacre Memorial today. what a beautiful panoramic view of Taum Sauk. It was a nice peaceful late afternoon disocvery after hiking the OT to taum Sauk and the Min Sauk Falls. I was planning to send an email however I did not see a link to do that. Someone is using the area to the right of the memorial site as a dumping ground (large 50 gallon drum, wooden ladder, misc wood scraps, etc.) just a few 100 feet from the memorial. Since the site is not far from the road, I am assuming locals have found it to be out of the way enough to use as a bon fire location (evidence of that as well – I saw at least 3 rock rings that have been used as fit pits) however the folks around the fires at least left no trash! I do not know where the property line is to the east of the site, but I thought you would want to know about the dump forming in site of the memorial.

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