Jakk Longacre “Last 50 Steps” Tour of Highpoints

Highpointer Club Founder Jakk Longacre recorded the “Last 50 Steps” probably in the late 1990s in which he told his experiences of climbing each of the 50 states. Members could get the VHS tape. Many thanks to Paul Light, who takes care of Jakk Glade on Taum Sauk, for transferring this to a DVD. The recording has lots of glitches but that is all part of the charm of our founder.

Jakk also recorded this trip report on his climb of Denali. Again it was originally on a VHS tape. And again thanks to Paul Light for transferring it to DVD.

Paul Light also passes along this video of the dedication of the Jakk Glade memorial on Taum Sauk in September 2007.

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One Response to Jakk Longacre “Last 50 Steps” Tour of Highpoints

  1. Jean Trousdale says:

    Great job of putting together Jack’s video–not great photography but
    nostalgic! Thanks, Jean

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