Highpointers Foundation: Goal to have projects on 25 of 50 states by end of 2013

Highpointers Foundation Meeting in Maine
The Highpointers Foundation met during the convention on July 20, 2013 in Maine.

Fred Lobdell (Tax Director), Keith Radford (attendee), Carol Radford (Legacy Giving Director), Roy Wallen (Financial Director), Donna Hawins (attendee), Dave Beymer (attendee), John Hasch (attendee), Dick Bourne (attendee), Jim Hawkins (Donations Director), Dave Covill (Lead Director), Stony Burk (Projects Director), Al Dempsey (Project Director), Jean Trousdale (Project Development Director), Gary White (Project Development Director). Board members not attending the meeting were Tonya Hancock (Donations Director), Paul Pontiff (Compliance Director), Alan Scherer (Charitable Giving Director).

Board member biographies are here

Lead Director Dave Covill gives the following summary of the meeting:

We welcomed Carol Radford (Legacy Gifts) and Jim Hawkins (Donations) as new directors. We discussed old, current and new projects, and noted that we are on track to achieve a short term goal of 25 of 50 states with a project by the end of 2013. In the past year we have achieved the ability for Highpointers to donate via PayPal or VISA. We have exceeded $5,000 in Silent Auctions, and held our 3rd annual Live Auction of a Convention package for next year, again bringing in a 4-digit amount. We are working hard on a Legacy Program, wherein Highpointers can notify us that they have named the Foundation in their Will as a recipient should they someday pass away. New projects include AR, TX, OK, CA, SD, VA, TX, NE, NV. We may possibly approach the $100,000 mark in Donations, and from our 100th distinct Donor, by the end of 2013. Its exciting, and we’re proud to be playing a part of the Highpointing family giving back a bit to the places we love so much.

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