General Membership Minutes – July 20, 2013, Millinocket, Maine

2013-2014 Highpointers Board of Directors
Below are the minutes of the Highpointers General Membership Meeting July 20, 2013 at Elks Lodge, Millinocket, Maine.

Huffington Post Interview with Maine 2013 Host Mick Dunn

Mick and Ruth Ann Highpointers Social New England Outdoor Lodge- Millenocket Maine - July 20, 2013
Mick and Ruth Anne at the Friday social during the Maine 2013 convention.

The Huffington Post has a nifty interview with Maine 2013 host Mick Dunn.

Highpointers Foundation: Goal to have projects on 25 of 50 states by end of 2013

Highpointers Foundation Meeting in Maine
The Highpointers Foundation met during the convention on July 20, 2013 in Maine.

Apex Challenge 2 Seeks to Place Highpointers on Every Summit on June 29, 2019

Bruce Marshall presentation at the 2013 Maine convention talking about the challenge.

The Apex 2 Challenge is seeking to place highpointers on top of every summit on June 29, 2019. Bruce Marshall led the effort on Apex 1 which occurred on June 29, 1994. He has a book for free download as well as details of the upcoming event on

Joseph “Mitch” Michaud (1928-2013)

Joseph “Mitch” Michaud (February 12, 1928-May 2, 2013) who was the second person to complete all 50 states when he did it on December 4, 1970, passed at his family home in Worcester, Massachusetts.

50 and 48 Completers in 2013-2014

John Mitchler at the Maine 2013 convention reported on those who completed since the 2012 convention. There have been 11 50-state completers and 19 48-state completers.

2013 Board News: Change in Longacre Memorial Ownership

Club President Tim Webb presented brief highlights of the Club’s board of directors meeting in Maine on June 20, 2013

Probably the biggest news was that ownership of the Jakk Longacre Memorial on Russell Mountain on the approach to Taum Sauk in Missouri has changed. Ownership has now changed to the man who bought club founder Jakk’s property but the club is given a perpetual easement to the property which is also now officially on the Ozark Mountain Trail. The transfer eliminates the need for the club to pay insurance on the property but still keeps it accessible to the club.

“Secret” Highpointers Handshake

While it seems Highpointers always somehow easily find each other not suprisingly on highpoints, Tim Townsend has proposed a very funny good natured “secret handshake.”

Tim, who completed his 50th state in 2013, explained the handshake to George Johnson during the Maine 2013 convention. George is one of the founding 9 highpointers at the Michigan 1987 convention.

BTW George proposed hosting the 2019 convention in Michigan.

Karin Harmon, Malcolm Whitney Stebbins, Leslie Skellenger, Tani Livick and Rhonda Bateman Receive Paul Zumwalt Awards at 2013 Convention

Malcolm Whitney Stebbins, Leslie Skellenger, Tani Livick and Rhonda Bateman received Paul Zumwalt Awards at the 2013 Convention.

Here’s their nominations:

Mark Adam, Kenyon Rainier Stebbins, Lyle & Kathy Blomberg, Bill Guenther, Blaine and Linda Sorenson, Al Dempsey, Mick Dunn Receive Frank Ashley Awards at 2013 Convention

Receiving the Frank Ashley Awards at the 2013 Convention were Mick Dunn, Mark Adam, Al Dempsey, and Bill Gunther.

Those receiving the award but not attending were Kenyon Rainier Stebbins, Lyle & Kathy Blomberg, and Blaine and Linda Sorenson.

Here’s their nominations: