50 Completer Aron Ralston in Raunchy Tosh.O Skit on Comedy Central

The full Comedy Central Tosh.O clip featuring 50-completer Aron Ralston that aired this week is now available. It’s raunchy, bawdy, irreverent and quite unlike anything ever done. But if you’re into Tosh.O humor it’s hilarious. The skit is a web redemption of Jason Kruk who went to the bathroom while climbing. The video was posted to youtube and went viral.

NOTE: This is very graphic, uses foul language, discusses sexual situations and is based on potty humor.

Jakk Longacre “Last 50 Steps” Tour of Highpoints

Highpointer Club Founder Jakk Longacre recorded the “Last 50 Steps” probably in the late 1990s in which he told his experiences of climbing each of the 50 states. Members could get the VHS tape. Many thanks to Paul Light, who takes care of Jakk Glade on Taum Sauk, for transferring this to a DVD. The recording has lots of glitches but that is all part of the charm of our founder.

Matt Moniz Profiled on Outside Television

Highpointer Matt Moniz, who is the youngest person to complete all 50, was profiled on Episode 3 of the summer edition of “The Buzz” on Outside Television.

Highpointers 2011 Convention July 14-16 in Ohio


Here’s the low down on the Ohio 2011 convention on July 14-16

*Registration Form
* Accommodations Information
*General Information
*Other things to do

Woodall Mountain Monument Dedication, Award Winners and 2012 Convention Site Among Highlights of 2010 Convention

The 2010 Highpointers Convention has concluded at Woodall Mountain, Mississippi. As usual it was another spectacular magical convention.

One of the biggest highlights was the dedication of new signs at the base of the mountain and a monument rock and plaque at the top which was paid for by the Highpointers Foundation. The Brown family who own the mountain were on hand. Above is a video of the event.

We will be posting a lot more photos, videos and news but here’s a quick short list of highlights.

*The Club and Foundation dedicated a new stone memorial on top of Woodall Mountain in a ceremony attended by the Browns (the family that owns the summit), the mayor Iuka and a representative for Senator Roger F. Wicker.
*Oregon was selected as the site of 2012 convention beating out a spirited nomination of California.
*Craig Noland received the Jakk Longacre prize for life long club support
*Jim Sutton received the Vin Hoeman award.
*The mayors of Muscle Shoals, Sheffield and Tuscumbia (and their respective city police departments) gathered to temporarily block off the major artery for a club visit to a tri-city point in the middle of Avalon Street.

2012 Highpointers Convention on Mount Hood

John Mitchler and Charlie Feris will host the 2012 Convention on Mount Hood on June 8-9, 2012 after their proposal was selected at the Mississippi Highpointers Convention (defeating a proposal for California).

Jim Sutton Receives Vin Hoeman Award

Club President Jim Sutton, who first instituted a budget for the club, received the Vin Hoeman Award at the 2010 Highpointers Convention.

The nomination for Jim said:

NJ.com interview with Mike Schwartz on climbing highest points of New Jersey counties

Hiking the peaks over 1000 feet in New Jersey

NJ.com has an an interview with Mike Schwartz on climbing the highest points of New Jersey counties.


John Keator discusses High Point, New Jersey

New Jersey High Point State Park Superintendent John Keator talked about the park at the 2009 Highpointers Convention at High Point. John paid his own way despite our offers to pay for his dinner. He has some amazing stories about alpine New Jersey.

Highpointers on Today Show

Here’s the video of our few seconds of fame in the background of the Today Show during the Highpointers 2009 Convention trip to New York City.