Newsletter Printers and Processors and Kimball C of C Awarded 2011 Paul Zumwalt Awards

Recipients of the Paul Zumwalt Award during the Ohio 2011 convention include:

Rod Horton, Director of Kimball County Chamber of Commerce
His nomination said:

I have spoken with Rod several times during the past couple of years and stopped in to see him twice. The chamber is very active in promoting their state/county highpoint. His office has memorabilia, souvenirs such as t-shirts and post cards as well as directional maps on how to get to the highpoint. He had sent me quite a bit of information when I had inquired about whether or not their community could hold a convention for 200-300 people and he assured me they would welcome the opportunity to host the club.

During the past year, the foundation funded several new signs for the highpoint which were sent to Rod, who is taking care of getting them installed. In addition there are several other opportunities for improvements at the highpoint that Rod will be involved in. He has not only continued to promote the highpoint but the club as well and has club brochures and copies of the newsletter available at the office when visitors stop in. The chamber continues to offer a certificate of having visited Panorama Point.

Members of the Barnum Printing Office and the United States Postal Service nominated for their work in getting the news letter out

We nominate 15 people who have worked “behind the scenes” to create the Apex to Zenith Newsletter for over a decade. These include the persons at Barnum (printing), LK (mailing services), and the USPS in Denver.

Barnum has been our printer since 1998. Our contacts there are Brittany Fike the Customer Service Manager, Linda Prior & Frank Ortega – Administration, Sandy Hamm and Eric Hamm in Pre-print, Melvin Marine – Plant Manager, Evan Sanchez – Pressman, Carlos Suarez and Juan Munoz Jr – Binderymen, Nini Rosenberg – Sales, and IV Rosenberg – Owner.

LK Mail has been our mailinghouse distribution source since 1998. They receive the newsletter from the printer, sort it, package it, label it, and deliver it to the Post Office. The HP Club uses their mail permit so we don’t need to maintain that ourselves. Owners Karen Pugh and Ken Pugh have been there since the beginning. They massage Craig’s label database sent by John & Dave, and assure that all addresses are correct. They work with the USPS to assure all are delivered, and at a minimal cost to us.

At the Denver Post Office John worked closely with Pat Reynolds, Mailing Solutions Specialist, and Chuck Hensel, Business Solutions, to improve the speed of delivery and quality of service (p.20 issue #89). Pat is a professional colleague of Kathy Mitchler and she arranged a meeting with John and LK Mail staff to offer suggestions in the construction of the newsletter to improve delivery, including cover stock weight, backpage address placement, and advice about polybag use, all to insure that the newsletter was not delayed as it made its way across America. They oversaw delivery of the newsletter to the PO and made sure it was sent off promptly, and we were grateful for their attention. The average delivery time dropped from 2 months to 20 days.

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