2012 Convention Organizers, Gene and Lillian Elliot and Glen VanVliet Awarded Frank Ashley Award

The Club made the following Frank Ashley Awards at the 2012 Convention.

The convention organizers nomination stated:

We nominate the following for the Frank Ashley Award: Ardel Frick, Marie Feris, Charlie Feris, Rick Craycraft, Marion Bauman, Phillis Whitington, Joe Whitington, Bob Bolton, Jack Grauer, Kathy Mitchler, and John Mitchler (Mitchlers added by Don unbeknownst by John). These folks have been doing yeoman duty in setting up the OR-12 Convention. They have worked tirelessly in a effort to secure the venues, arrange activities, and create what promises to be one of the best Conventions yet. We feel that these folks should be honored at the Convention so all the attendees can participate in their recognition.

The nomination for Gene and Lillian stated:

I would like to nominate Gene and Lillian Elliot for the Frank Ashley Award for significant volunteer service this past year. Recent logging operations this past year have required the Elliots to do more than their usual share of annual maintenance of the trail and summit area. Some signs were repainted and moved to better define the trail. Several new signs including the one at the trailhead parking area and the long overdue sign on the main road were installed. They also added new cairns marking the trail across the logging area up to the summit, improving route finding. The mailbox and register continue to be maintained by the Elliots. They also provide the summit certificates found in the mailbox at the summit or at the tourist center in town. Their future projects this year include providing a new bench at the summit. Also doing some crushed rock work on the road leading to the parking area and to fill in the wallowed areas and the muddy sections of the parking area. Their volunteer service to the state highpoint and for the club is exemplary.

The nomination for Glen VanVliet stated:

I would like to nominate Glen VanVliet, Florida state liaison for the Frank Ashley Award. Glenn has been the liaison for many years working with the Lakewood Park folks to maintain the park and help with improvements there. He has continually provided club brochures and monitored the register at the highpoint. This year he was instrumental in coordinating the effort with the county to place two benches along the loop trail. His dedication and working relationship with the county and Chamber in keeping the park a viable area and a nice plane to visit as a state highpoint is indeed the standard.

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