Highpointers 2011 Convention July 14-16 in Ohio


Here’s the low down on the Ohio 2011 convention on July 14-16

*Registration Form
* Accommodations Information
*General Information
*Other things to do

Stony Burk and Bill Urbanski listed some of the cool stuff to expect at the 2011 convention July 14-16 at Campbell Hill, Ohio. Among the cool stuff is a reception in a cave. Stony prepared the exhibit at left and spoke about the plans in the video below.

Below is their presentation was at the 2010 convention. We were having some problems with the tripod during the presentation so pardon some of the jerky motion.

Update March 18
The following files are added March 18
*Climbing with Bill
*Places to stay
*Kool things to do in Ohio
*More kool things to do


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2 Responses to Highpointers 2011 Convention July 14-16 in Ohio

  1. Alan says:

    Can anybody understand what he said? The audio is terrible, but I really want to know…

  2. Jean Trousdale says:

    Hi Guys,
    Really a nice presentation! I believe you are going to put on a great and unique convention–see you there! Jean

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