Jim Sutton Receives Vin Hoeman Award

Club President Jim Sutton, who first instituted a budget for the club, received the Vin Hoeman Award at the 2010 Highpointers Convention.

The nomination for Jim said:

I would like to nominate Jim Sutton for the Vin Hoeman Award for 2010. This honor is not given lightly, and must be earned by a Highpointer over years of service to the Club. Jim has done just that. A decade ago he took Jack Longacre’s collection of stones from each highpoint, and glued them into a display. I noticed this, and thought it a nice volunteer activity. Since then, he has gone on to be the host of the wonderful Wisconsin convention in 2007. Not satisfied, he went on to become the Club President, and he has worked hard to make many improvements in the way the Club goes about it’s business. He has sponsored or helped to create such ideas as improved communications via telephone, budgets, voting methods, and has worked with the people at the Foundation to foster goodwill. He has been a good spokesperson for the Club when reporters seek out information.


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