Mark and Wendy Comstock and Miles Luke Awarded 2012 Vin Hoeman Award

Mark and Wendy Comstock as well as Miles Luke were awarded the 2012 Vin Hoeman Award at the 2012 convention.

The nomination for Mark and Wendy said:

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Mark Comstock and Wendy Comstock for the Vin Hoeman Award. Mark and Wendy have not only been loyal members but dedicated volunteers of the original “crew”. I remember in 2003 at the Illinois convention _ them cutting 90 lbs of fruit for the ice cream social and then helped serve it on ice cream to 290 attendees. Just the clean_up was massive but they did it all. Each year they man the “crew” desk diligently and give hours of their time to the conventions. Mark is now our VP and Wendy is decoration coordinator for ME-13.
The Comstocks also keep a Jack Longacre tradition alive and well by bringing, serving, and cleaning up after the watermelon feast at each highpoint. They spend hours with the “crew” then hours planning and performing the Watermelon Brigade duties. These two are true volunteers and I feel we should reward them for all their hard work. Please vote yes for Mark and Wendy for the Vin Hoeman Award.

The nomination for Miles Luke said:

I would like to recommend the Vin Hoeman Award for fellow Highpointer, Miles Luke, longtime Club Liaison for Driskill Mountain, Louisiana. For many years, Miles has actively worked with the owners, banker, chamber of commerce and the local scout troop enlisting support, publicity and encouraging visitation to the state highpoint. At least twice a year he has worked with the local parish seniors group to lead senior citizens to the summit. Most recently he coordinated the task of making sure a Highpointers Foundation bench was installed on the summit, enlisting the aid of Logan Blackwell, the Eagle Scout, who is still actively maintaining the summit. At Miles’ suggestion, another bench will be provided at the halfway point up the trail, so the elderly can take a break. Miles takes care of the logbook each time he goes to the mountain and replaces it when necessary. He also adds club brochures to the register box and changes the Jack Longacre photo and history when it gets faded. His many hours of volunteerism and personal pride for his local highpoint is unequaled. Miles, at 92 years of being active, is truly an inspiration to the club and our fellow members.

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