2008-09 Highpointers Club Board of Directors

The current ’08 – ’09 Board Members met at the “Snowbowl” prior to the convention on Saturday to pound out issues and make this Club even better.  Although most if the membership never see’s them, their work keeps this club moving in a positive direction.

There are no paid positions in the Club. All work (including newsletter, web, merc, etc…) are all unpaid volunteers.

Board members serve three-year terms and can hold office only for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Call for nominations (candidates can self-nominate) for board members occur in the fourth quarter newsletter. The ballot is sent out in the first quarter newsletter with the election usually concluded by May 30th of each election year. The elected officers are:

Elected Officers (with year term ends and resident state):

President – Tim Webb
Vice President – Nikki Hemphill
Treasurer – Kevin Baker
Secretary – Jim Sutton

Highpointers Club Board of Directors 2008-2009:

2010 – Kevin Baker (CO)
2009 – Stony Burk (NH)
2009 – Mark Comstock (MI)
2011 – Bill Deitzer (OH)
2010 – Steve Gamble (AL)
2011 – Nikki Hemphill (IN)
2011 – Don Holmes (CO)
2010 – Robert Hyman (DC)
2010 – Tom Karchesy (WA)
2010 – Olivier Kozlowski (MA)
2009 – Will Mokszycki (WA)
2011 – Alan Ritter (MO)
2011 – Jim Sutton (CA)
2009 – Steve Urbanski (PA)
2009 – Tim Webb (AL)

* ex-Officio – John Mitchler (CO)
* ex-Officio – Craig Noland (TN)

(* Board Members except they have no voting power.)

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