Kathy Dalsaso Mitchler and Alan Ritter Receive Vin Hoeman Awards at Tennessee 2014 Convention

Kathy Dalsaso Mitchler and Alan Ritter received Vin Hoeman Awards at the Tennessee 2014 convention.

Ray and Jan Nelson Awarded Vin Hoeman Award at the 2013 Convention.


Membership guy and gal Ray and Jan Nelson were awarded the Vin Hoeman Award at the 2013 convention in Maine. Here’s the nomination:

Mark and Wendy Comstock and Miles Luke Awarded 2012 Vin Hoeman Award

Mark and Wendy Comstock as well as Miles Luke were awarded the 2012 Vin Hoeman Award at the 2012 convention.

Congratulations, 2011 Vin Hoeman Winners Charlie Feris and Gary White

Congratulations 2011 Vin Hoeman winners Charlie Feris and Gary White who received the award at the 2011 convention in Ohio. Charlie has met every 50 completer except two and has written an amazing history of completers. He is also hosting the 2012 convention on Mount Hood.

Gary White has done a ton of stuff including hosting the 2010 convention in Mississippi where he coordinated getting the new marker there. He is very active with the Merc and was a great friend of Jakk Longacre.

Vin Hoeman Award

The Vin Hoeman Award, named after the first person to complete the 50 state highpoints, is bestowed “for service to the Club in the pursuit of highpoints.” Any member with paid dues can nominate a candidate. With the nomination, the submitter should include a short description of the service and contribution that the nominee has made to the Club. John V. “Vin” Hoeman. Hoeman perished in an avalanche on Dhaulagiri in 1969

Jim Sutton Receives Vin Hoeman Award

Club President Jim Sutton, who first instituted a budget for the club, received the Vin Hoeman Award at the 2010 Highpointers Convention.

The nomination for Jim said:

Tim Webb Receives the Vin Hoeman Award at the 2008 Convention in Arizona…

Tim Webb, Club President and longtime member, received the “Vin Hoeman Award” at this years convention held in Arizona.  Tim has been a huge club supporter and was one of the driving forces behind the “Jakk Longacre Highpointers Memorial” on Taun Sauk Ridge in Missouri.  He spent much of his own time and money talking to the right people in Missouri and taking his surveying crews there to finalize things.


Robert Hyman Wins 2007 Vin Hoeman Award for Work on Surveying DC Highpoint

 Robert Hyman and Nikki Hemphill won the 2007 Vin Hoeman Awards.

Robert won for decade-long effort navigating various government and local interests to get the Washington, DC highpoint surveyed and officially entered into the USGS database.

Robert said the benchmark is now being designed. He is hoping for a formal dedication of the new benchmark in July 2008.

Crew Leader Nikki Hemphill Wins 2007 Vin Hoeman Award

Nikki Hemphill and Robert Hyman won the 2007 Vin Hoeman Award for her legendary leading the “crews” at the conventions.

She’s the official convention liaison and has made organizing the conventions much easier and fun!

And for good measure everybody who had been on the crews were also award Frank Ashley awards.

Stony Burk Named 2006 Vin Hoeman Winner

Stony Burk shows the Rhode Island property owners
Stony Burk, who gave up so many of his holiday weekends to drive 200 miles from New Hampshire, to host the open access dates at Jerimoth Hill when access was in question, received the Vin Hoeman Award for his efforts during the North Carolina convention in 2006.